The Virus ( Alien ) friend and foe.

I have experienced an invasion from the smallest alien in the universe, It invaded me and used my DNA and my RNA as it marches across the galaxies. Why are all these Aliens always interested in DNA material ? The pure stuff must be worth billions . The Greys love probing and taking DNA samples from us and they have been doing that since the beginning of our time. Other Alien types chase our bloodlines (again DNA ).

Well Mr. Virus , he has been a wonderful visitor causing me aches and pains , my nose and sinuses are about three times the normal size, super wonderful hot chili pepper throat , I think you got the idea. He also takes over the mind and slows it down. Its like observing our world through the eyes and mind of some very foreign strange creature. I was at one of my favorite shopping holes (Costco) with my friend Mr Virus and everything was in slow-mo , wow,cool. And Mr Virus said through me “you got a lot of obese people here. ” I had not noticed before, but he was right . He said typically the obese ones have difficulty breathing and will quickly fall victim to his super cousin Mr Virus Plague who makes his rounds every 80 to 90 human years. He thinks he does a service to the planet by culling out the herd . Mr. Virus said this type of consuming society is great. Everyone is worried about their ability to keep up with the Joneses ( as we Humans say ) leaving little time and effort to watch their earth vehicle and their soul (both could keep them safe and happy ) . Per Mr. Virus your stay on this earth plane is very brief , but important , so you need to take care of the vehicle and the soul. So I asked one question to my charming guest , “why DNA? ” His answer: “Why not? We have given it to you to use, just to use during your stay here . My other cousins and relatives , monitor it and improve it. I mutate it and fine tune it. Although there are some terminations in the process , but as we say , for universal progress there is always a price to pay.

As I am writing this, I am thinking he has over- stayed his visit. Please move on Mr.Virus .


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