The World of Vortexes—Everglades USA, Is it all True Series #135

I traveled to South Florida a few weeks ago for a good time birthday with my family. I also had some time to explore the outer-edges of the Everglades known for their strange wildlife, strange humans and even stranger vortex creatures. Before I left for this adventure I had my good friend and colleague Kewaunee dowse a map of an area west of Ft. Lauderdale, an area known as the gateway to the Glades.

On the map he located a vortex/portal area where at the time of dowsing he sensed two Bigfoot hanging out in the portal. But Mr. K clearly stated that the two BF scenario was at the time of the drowsing and that could always change in ten minutes. It took about one hour to locate the vortex; unfortunately it was in the middle of a very swampy, alligator-infested area. Hoping to get back home in one piece, I decided to shoot photos in the vortex perimeter area, which still looked quite promising. This area had dense vegetation growth with some openings that these portal beings like to hide it. As in many other vortex photos these beings love to peer around objects, bushes, trees, and rocks. They are a curious lot. Many of them are smiling and giving off a pleasant non-threatening vibe.

I probably took about 300 photos and got 5 very interesting ones. I have numbered them
1 through 5 on the posting with a brief description of each.

No.1 small skull with big eyeholes, probably nothing unusual but it was surrounded by strange white/tan stuff I had never seen before.

No.2 head shot of a blue/green reptile being– I guess sort of smiling

No.3 in the center of photo a dark head of an unknown creature

No.4 very small heads of gray types, or as I call them mini-ostrich heads.

No.5 in the center a typical gray type – big eyes – head shot.

A comment- in photos 2 through 5 if you are able to put the shot into a photo-software, and than lighten them up, they are easier to see. The original photos on the camera are clearer and easy to make out.

Remember our human eye can only see a fraction of the visible wavelengths in our universe and the digital camera seems to do better. I have photographed some amazing stuff in and around portal/vortexes in the past. I would have never thought it was possible. It is amazing what an open mind can produce.

Sleep tight, tomorrow the portals will be awaiting your arrival.


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