The Zero Point and Nazi Saucers ?

I just finished a great book called “The Hunt for Zero Point” by Nick Cook. To balance out the study of the origins of UFOs we must stop and take a look at the advancements of human technology especially at the end of War World II.
The Nazis were pushing their German scientists to find the magic to save their butts and win the war. The V- rocket series helped smash and kill thousands of Brits.With the help of slave labor the Nazis build amazing underground factories, and were on their way to building hundreds of jet planes, which in volume could have changed the course of the war. Also on the drawing boards were super-Subs and super Guns and maybe the Atomic Bomb. Thankfully, for a few good Germans were able to slow their progress which ultimately spared us from the unprecedented amount of evil and deadly technology the Nazis were about to unleash on our world. In another year or so we all would have had German as our first language: it was that close. The war ended but what about the technology, the Germans suddenly, almost mysteriously, were 10 years ahead of the rest world in high tech stuff, (i.e.,weapons, early computers, pharmaceuticals, atomic research, quantum mechanics/physics and even dyes and advanced textiles).

“Zero Point Energy” the unlimited energy;theoretically,the energy, which makes the saucers fly. It appears like a couple of separated isolated groups of Germans scientists were working on this incredible energy and even created a few small and mostly uncontrollable flying saucers. And then there was “The BELL” the most mysterious project of all – was it a saucer, a weapon or a time machine or all three? We will probably never know because it supposedly was flown/shipped out of Germany by the Nazis to an unknown destination. So as the War ended the Allied Powers were scrambling to capture, kidnap, and steal the scientists and technologies from the Third Reich. The American project called Operation Paperclip grabbed hundreds of these very talented Germans for the American agenda. Some of these Germans were Nazis so the Allied Powers because of their own greed unknowingly or knowingly, have spread this evil throughout the world’s technological community, we are still living with the consequences in 2007, 60 years after the ending of the War. This new community is and was called – The Military Industrial Complex.

Also two interesting sidebars – In 1947 Kenneth Arnold may have made the first modern era sightings of UFOs and may have coined the term Flying Saucer– these sightings were probably ones we built with the help those German scientists. And on a synchronistic note: my father was Wernher Von Braun’s personal military security guard here in the U.S.- the famous German Rocket Master-V Series (and father of our Space/Rocket program).

Thanks for your time , are you “Awake” – I am.


Mr Rocket – Von Braun

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