They Can Make You Laugh! By Mary Muñoz © August 31, 2008

What does it take for someone to believe? I wondered that after that night on Interstate 80. I would do my best to convince my ex-partner, Tom that they did, because things were happening at an accelerated rate and I needed to have someone believe that I was not crazy. Then again how could he argue something he too had seen only a month earlier?
His first event would occur when I woke him up, around midnight, to show him in the distance a triangular shaped object. It was huge, but he told me that the lights were playing tricks on our eyes and it had to be an illusion. He just couldn’t believe. Even conversations with my dad did not phase his belief that we are the only beings to exist in the Universe.
Now let us jump to March 1990. Traveling west across southern Arizona along Interstate 10 about an hour or so from Tucson on a clear midday sky we get into another conversation on the subject. This time I was bound and determined to make this man believe.
After about twenty minutes of arguing I got frustrated and leaned forward in my seat to stretch my back and shoulders. I turn my head toward the right looking out the window. I can’t remember how long I stared at it, but just north and back of the tractor trailer was a huge rectangular object which hovered low to the ground. My estimation was that it could have covered several football fields in length and had to be an easy hundred plus feet thick. It appeared dark grey and bulky in composition.
The rest of the event is in slow motion.
I turn to Tom, “Okay tell me I am crazy now!” I state adamantly.
He looked back in my direction and said, “What do you mean?”
“Right out there…” I pointed out the window. “Don’t you see it?”
He looked over and said, “What am I suppose to see?”
I jumped in and stated, “Lean forward, it is back from the window.”
Tom proceeds to lean forward. “And what is it that I am supposed to see?” He questions again.
“The ship! It is right there!” I look back to see nothing but desert and clear skies.
I quietly get up and move to the sleeper. From that moment on I did not share another UFO/ET experience with him.
Was I mad at them for not showing themselves and proving what I had been stating all along? At first yeah, but in time no I wasn’t. Actually I had to laugh at it all. Here they are in plain sight yet he couldn’t see them.
I learned a big lesson from this day. I found that they had their reasons for blinding his sight and it all had to do with what he believed his reality was. Imagine the outcome if he had seen them. He was driving an eighty thousand pound vehicle. He might have lost control and wrecked killing others or us.
So whatever their reason was that day they knew more than I did. They knew on a higher level, so for me I have learned that it is a privilege and a great honor to even have the chance to see what others can’t. But then again who are they? And what is my connection to them?


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