To Be Or Not To Be a Conspiracy? By Mary Muñoz © February 8, 2009

Over the months I have written various situations that family, friends, or even I have experienced. I have always slid through the subject of conspiracy theories and the idea of a dark side working against us. I have played on my situation not telling all; leaving just enough out to make one wonder. I do that for a reason.
Imagine being part of, yet separate from, something so out of this world that to share it could bring great pain and destruction upon ones soul or a soul of one you love. Fear is something that can bind one to eternal torment on this plane of existence. Leaving them to always wonder why it has to be as it is?
I once saw a psychic that told me, “Why do you keep saying here we go again?” I was amazed at the response I had received, because those were the exact words that I had been stating for months, if not years. I would try to exclude myself from the phenomena, but no matter how hard I tried it would come back to me face to face. And in the same breath I wanted to share what was happening, but the warnings were quite clear. “Don’t do it!”
I have friends who have shared their point in case with the phenomena and each one has had a significant loss due to their participation. And that loss hasn’t always been upon them, but upon the ones they love. So with that, “Do I believe there is a conspiracy out there?” I believe that there is so much more than we can begin to understand. The more we see the more complex it gets. I am not out trying to solve the question of the century, “Do UFO’s and ET’s exist?” No I am trying to understand why they exist in my reality. Is it a genetic link? Is it even more complex? Or was it just a fluke of nature?
So if I venture further into my writings I will begin to share a new way of observing something that I don’t fully understand, yet I seem to be a part of on a daily or weekly basis, and depending on the time of the year, because really there is no pattern to this situation, for it comes and goes, like the wind. I will not assume that any have to do with any conspiracy theories or dark force realities, because I think we all know they do at some level. I will just continue to share how I view the things I see, how I am learning to understand that which I don’t know, and the tools I am using to find my answers to my own dilemmas; in a more enlightened way.

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  1. Dear Mary,
    Isn’t it crazy how the more you uncover the crazier it gets? It all gets curiouser and curiouser. I’ve found that the more I find out, the less I’m able to relate to most people. Or better said, the less people are able to relate to me. I love humanity. But once you start talking about your reality and experiences to them, the more you isolate yourself. It’s a real quandary. As you in a roundabout way have said, the more you know the more you find you don’t know. But that’s the fascination of our existence. Keep it up. You have a lot of kindred souls out there.

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