To Never Retire with Gail Minoque @ Gary’s Dowser November Meeting-Is it all True Series #161

Gail Minoque is a woman who believes there is energy and wisdom in numbers. Gail spoke two weeks ago before a packed audience in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Gail has been studying the amazing world of Sacred Geometry with the mix of old and new science. Using a person’s name and birthday, she can discover – and you can discover – your life path.

Gail being a licensed commodity broker has used her numerology to analyze future trends. She pulls together historic cycles and connects them to current events that will drive future outcomes.

She spoke of a 120-year blueprint we all have which makes up our numeric framework. Since we are all responsible for the creation of this framework/blueprint we should never announce to our inner or outer self the word retirement, as it could shorten our productive years.

She stated the reason for the recent sharp economic decline was several negative trends converging together: (1) Rapid Globalization, (2) Corporate Monopolies gone wild, and (3) Just pure, somewhat beautiful, technology, technology that consumed jobs. So jobs are lost and may never come back.

She also believes that after the American Revolution we came out of a fear-based era, through the creation of the American Democracy, which developed the rights of the individual. But now trends may be turning back to fear as a way to control the masses.

Gail mentioned some interesting short-term trends to watch out for: (1) The Made in America movement, (2) Technology for the poor, (3) Inexpensive simplification of life- retrofitting for the elderly population, and (4) Getting ready for some future (profound) real or imaginary event.

From a political standpoint America will have a true third party by 2016. Gail sees 2010 to 2024 being a darker period, maybe the beginning of a new Revolution, but by 2025 America will lead the world out of darkness into a new world Renaissance. All this from the truth language of the Universe – the Numbers; all cultures and all beings understand the numbers.

Maybe it is time for all of us to pay more attention to the numbers and the small details of our world; much can be observed and learned from our surroundings.

Sleep tight – if you dream numbers, take them and apply them to your next week’s life path – it may take you to new and exciting places.


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