Todd Michael – Returns to the Forum -Is it all True Series # 313

ToddMichaelOne of my favorite speakers to grace our podium is Todd Michael from Red River, New Mexico. Todd is always a major delight to talk to and be around. What is really fun about him is the fact we have a mutual friend Kewaunee Lapseritis whom we both dearly love, and have had similar amazing experiences with him. We have both been touched by a Bigfoot while lying in our tents on adventure with Kewaunee.

Todd is a UFO, Bigfoot, and Paranormal experiencer. Todd has wandered the country in pursuit of truth and understanding of our “real” reality. He has been guided by a mysterious life force and he shared his experiences and wisdom with us at the forum.

So the theme of this encounter with Todd was “The four levels of Bigfoot contact.” First level is the Stranger: there is a fear of the stranger, and for many there is the fear of Bigfoot, but note the same can be said of the Bigfoot. Level Two is the Neighbor: let’s look at the similarities between Bigfoot and man, not the differences, like you would do with a neighbor. Third level is the Friend: you actually get to know the Bigfoot and hang with him, leaving food and maybe BF returning the favor with small gifts. And the fourth/final level is the Family: here (we) both Bigfoot and man share the inner circle; this is the closest contact eye to eye, and maybe just maybe a BF will take you on a Portal ride. Level four is a rare event though it is happening to more and more people throughout the country. These people have learned to open their hearts and mind to the possibility that there is truly another reality swirling around in our present world.

Get more information about Todd Michael go to his website:

Sleep tight … and happy trails to you until we/they meet again….

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