Travis Walton – Courage marches on, he talks with the NM UFO/Paranormal forum at their April meeting—Is it all True Series # 230

Back when I was 25 years old I heard the story of this “Fire in the Sky “in Arizona. A group of loggers had a close encounter with an Alien Craft. Being a UFO researcher I told myself I would someday go to Arizona and check out Snowflake, the town, and meet Mr. Travis Walton. Well about 20 years later I made the attempt. I lived about 3 hours from Snowflake. So I ventured out but never was able to hook-up with Travis who was out of town that weekend. However, I was able to walk the approximate area of the encounter. It was a beautiful wooded area, with what seems to be a low level hum and at times I felt a bit disoriented. So, I had to wait another 15 years to meet Travis Walton who last weekend did a wonderful presentation to our UFO/Paranormal group about his experience and how he coped with it.
He was quick to point out that the movie was not 100% accurate although the general path of the film was close to his reality. The movie didn’t express the profound burden you could feel as we in the audience watched Travis lower his head during some of the more powerful moments as we watched his intro- movie trailer he presented before his formal presentation.
I believe the part of the presentation I enjoyed the most was his description of his feelings when being in the presence of the Aliens. His description of their deep staring made it feel like a deep visual probe into the mind’s eye even into the soul itself. This is a common theme with abductees I have worked with in the past. Another trait that I have heard over and over again was the fear factor, as a sudden switch is pulled creating a cascade of red-hot fear. The aliens know our inner self, our deep mind, and they can control it, giving us pleasure and great terror.
According to Travis there was a major effort to debunk the Travis and crew experience. It was a constant push to explain away this type of experience. This experience is too much, too threatening to the powers to let it run wild through the main streets of the world. These governments would have to explain way too much and the people would see that the emperor has no clothes. Did our governments allow this to happen to their people? The real question is did they trade us (Humans) for alien technology or are our governments unable to stop the abductions from taking place, so they helped cover them up, to save face.
To Travis – Thanks for being a courageous individual it’s a lonely job, which seems to never end.
Sleep tight, our journey is never complete, but the sun will rise and life presses on.

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