U. S. Airforce and National Guard presents a report

As each day, each month, and year passes I hear and read of more reports and discussions in regard to this UFO/alien abduction phenomenon. I was sent this report and wanted to share with you because I find it exciting for the reason that perhaps in my life time it will be made known that universal extraterrestrials are in fact real, visiting earth, and abducting humans such as myself. Perhaps my truth and not only my truth, but millions of other humans who are experiencing the same as I who are either living in secret with this phenomenon or who have accepted their truth and are becoming educators on this planet earth. Just as our United States Presidents are educated in this phenomenon since the Truman and Roosevelt era but have not revealed this information to the populace, little by little growth has taken place to one day soon hopefully the populace will be informed by our Government as to their knowledge about UFO’s/alien abductions etc. The following article is not a first or the last of oncoming information. It is a step in the correct direction. This brings back a memory of mine of an abduction I describe in “Morning Glory Diary of an Alien Abductee” of a nighttime meeting that took place between the heads of all nations throughout planet earth and the universal exterrestrials throughout the universe.

Mr. Gilles Lorant, reports that on February 12, the US Air Force and the National Guard presented a report on the subject of the UFOs to numerous nations on the consequences of UFO demonstrations on many communities in the United States. This report is regarded as general interest for all industrialized countries; and representatives of several countries were invited to assist with the presentation. Then, at the request of three American senators, a cycle of three meetings followed in the presence of forty representatives of the twenty eight Member States including the Vatican (two nations did not send representatives).

Over these two days, the subject of the UFO was tackled during meetings discussing the causes which can affect the social balance of a nation, and considered the strong probability of economic recession. The attendees were worried about charlatans, religious prophecies and the effects on certain scientists. The meetings were very concerned about social upheaval from continued UFO sightings and the testimonies of individuals claiming to have firsthand knowledge about UFO’s, extraterrestrial life, and future global events. It was reported that adverse public reactions to UFO sightings could have a dramatic economic impact that could lead to recession in some countries.

The UN discussions appeared to match concerns identified in both the 1953 Robertson Panel and the 1961 Brookings Report to the U.S. Congress, over ramifications of UFO reports and the eventual discovery of extraterrestrial life. The year 2009, was raised as the year when an important change in official attitudes concerning the UFO phenomenon could be made. This suggested that the official debunking policy underway since 1953, would be abandoned and more serious study of the UFO phenomenon would occur. This indicated an important policy shift where the study of UFO’s would be officially encouraged. However, certain global conditions would have to be met for the official opening. Most important appeared to be social stability in G-8 countries and the maintenance of liberal democratic systems in developing nations. Lorant also suggested that an official opening in attitudes would only occur if UFO sightings continued to occur at present levels.

This raises the possibility that those presenting information on UFOs/extraterrestrial life deemed to threaten national stability or financial systems, would receive special attention by national security agencies. The meetings results suggest that an official change in government policy from ‘debunking’ to ‘openness’ concerning UFO’s would lead to official approval to narrowly define study of the UFO phenomenon. Those claiming to have firsthand experience of extraterrestrial life would be targeted as charlatans. The UN meeting thereby suggested continuation of policies aimed at exploiting divisions in the UFO community between researchers advocating a strictly scientific study of the UFO phenomenon, and those wishing to discuss testimonies/documentation concerning extraterrestrial life visiting Earth.

Mr. Gilles Lorant’s testimony suggests that governments are being driven to a more open approach to the UFO phenomenon due to the recent increase in sightings. An opening which would take place under two conditions: 1) From here to the end of 2009, that social peace in the G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States) remains in effect.Together, these countries represent about 65% of the world economy.

2) From here to the end of 2009, that UFO demonstrations persist throughout the world.

Moreover, it was discussed what to do if a non -aligned nation decided to precede the countries joined together on the officialization of the subject.
He states, “The environment was perfectly serious the participants were even implicitly grateful to the presence of “our alien neighbors” in our environment.

Conclusion: The suggestion which was advanced by UN, with the representatives of 28 nations, during these exchanges, is of capital importance for the public recognition of the subject. Thanks to the Newsletter No. 4 of the F.E.A, 25.02.2008 Posted by Jean-Jacques Yvars and Lamar James …

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