UFO Religions and their Founders: Part 4 of 4—Is it all True Series #74

I believe that the source of most of these UFO religions is the one and only Madame Helena Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society – the Golden Dawn. She was born to Russian aristocratic parents in 1891. From a very early age, this lady with the charismatic personality and powerful psychic abilities, traveled the world to learn more about life from various occult organizations. (Note: I am using occult as not necessarily a negative concept. All religions by definition are occults.)

During her world travels she met a group called the Masters or Secret Masters and they made her their earthbound representative. She claimed they provided her with amazing wisdom and knowledge. She spoke of planes and sub-planes or dimensions and sub-dimensions of existence.

She was the founder of theosophy and the mother of the New Age thought. Remember she lived in the early part of the 20th century when non-ghost dimensional beings were unheard of in those days. The Madame was many different things to many different people. It is written that to the New Agers she was the channeler, to the shrinks she had multiple personalities, to the Christians she was possessed by bad spirits, and to others she was just a crazy con woman.

She wrote five powerful books and claimed they were auto-written in a trans-state from these Masters (of the Universe). Blavatsky said that her writings were not attributable to her, but rather that they were the writing of her Masters, her dimensional beings. She wrote of things, which seem impossible to know, in her time since there was no TV, Internet or vast databases. Had she tapped into that Cosmic Library I spoke about before (See posting Cosmic Library Card from 09/06/08). She was one of the first contactees with a higher dimensional power or so she claims. Her books are a complex enlightening read, well worth the time. Her/their books provide a sneak peek into another time and another world. She was the pioneer in the virgin business of alien beings and UFOs of the coming 21st century.

Sleep tight and dream Big, enjoy these sub-planes of our existence. Those secret Masters will assist in your journey.




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