Ufologists: How will full disclosure make us feel?- A few thoughts–Is it all True Series #60

There have been rumors worldwide that UFO disclosure has happened, but the process forgot to tell 99.9% of the world population.

It was reported in May 2004 that a fleet of UFOs from the Galactic Federation of Light made full contact with the Mexican Air Force in the Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico. There were big headlines in several Mexican newspapers, but nothing here in the US or Europe.

So why hasn’t full true worldwide (in your face) UFO Disclosure happened? I believe it hasn’t happened for several possible reasons, such as preserving our economic system, our government system, our religious system, and our Ego system (we are the greatest and the only higher biological culture in this part of the universe). Or is it just the power and the greed of a worldwide human control group who can’t chance the superior competition? Or is this non-disclosure a way to protect the alien beings as they prod and use us humans as a resource for some strange need, maybe our emotional energy could be the fuel to keep them alive. Are we the big 6 billion and growing human cattle farm? The truth is probably a combination of several or all of the above.

Also I believe Humans enjoy keeping secrets; we are programmed to do this at a deep level. And without our precious secrets, some of us would feel we had no purpose. Secrets are power. Many of us UFO guys know the UFO/Alien existence without a doubt. But we will hold it close in, so not to give up the power. Dear fellow researchers, give up your known knowledge. For this subject has infinite layers and all you have to do is move to the next level of secrets; you will never run out.

But in the end, truth and full disclosure will trump all hidden agendas and human breeding farms. My question to the world is- do we have to be pushed to the brink before we shout, “THEY ARE HERE” from our rooftops and we will all listen?



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