UFOs and the Obama Factor- Is it all True Series #59

On January 20th, 2009 we will inaugurate our 44th President, the leader of the most powerful country on planet earth. And if Obama wants to know what our underground agencies really know about UFOs, he will probably have to ask and he could at the minimum find out if there are UFOs. I believe he would have to push very hard to get our government to admit knowledge of alien beings and their known agendas on earth.

Lets talk about past Presidents and what has been said about their knowledge of UFOs. Of course speculation reins here, but some truth I feel is in the mix. First, Harry Truman may have given orders to the military to shoot the saucers down. It was famously rumored he may have been the first President to negotiate a sort of treaty with the Grays about their human research program, also known as human abductions. It has also been said that Dwight Eisenhower had a meeting during his term with a group of alien beings at a California Air Force base in 1954. President Kennedy probably knew something, and the question will always be in my mind, did his loose lips sink his ship, or at least was a factor in his death. Lyndon Johnson’s knowledge of UFOs is unknown and I believe he was trying to distance himself from any Kennedy assassination plot, which could draw him in. But reading about Johnson being a very power-hungry person, he would enjoy this type of secret. Nixon somehow may have gotten himself fully informed on the subject since he was part of the Eisenhower administration, which was up to their necks in UFO stuff. Nixon was said to have brought civilian friends to secret facilities to look at debris and alien bodies from crashed UFOs. Jimmy Carter had his own UFO close sighting from Air Force One. Also I have written in another posting about strange lights near his peanut plantation in South Georgia (see posting). Ronald Reagan, again may have had his own close encounter in the hills over Los Angeles. It might not have been a good encounter because remember he was the guy who during his Presidency developed Star Wars, maybe to defend earth from them. Then we got Bill Clinton, he did have close friend who were deep into the UFO subject, such as Laurence Rockefeller, a sort of UFO whistle blower. George Bush (H.W.) was once the director of the CIA. The CIA knows lots of UFO stuff, even though Bush never got into the underbelly of the CIA, where the real juicy information is hiding. But his position with the CIA would have gotten him the surface UFO stuff. And last but least “W”–hopefully no one told him anything. A little knowledge in his hands would be dangerous and thankfully there is not evidence of his UFO knowledge or I am sure he would use it as a vehicle of fear to promote his agenda. But there are a few weeks left until Obama is president.

Now Obama and UFOs – I see him being curious but very cautious. He is a man of deliberation. He truly knows that “loose lip sinks all ships”. He sees the similarity between Camelot and Obamalot. And the Kennedy factor will keep Obama’s lips closed, he is a man who understands history repeats itself. He will also come to realize in a few years the importance of the truth and the need for the world to know this truth.

So watch and listen Obama will tell us in code.



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