UFOs and the Romantic Connection- Is it all True Series #282

Romantic ConnectionFor over 45 years, I have witnessed some amazing experiences involving inter-dimensional beings and their influence on humans. There is an agenda out there, and I would venture to say that sometimes they can even influence our day-to-day lives. But most of their influence is in an indirect manner. And one of these indirect ways is by matchmaking with powerful means to create cosmic-mates.

To put a male and female together as cosmic mates, or as we call it soul mates, creates powerful energy, which the beings can draw from and they do. This energy can come in the form of emotional, fear-based or non-fear-based and/or sexual energy. Many of these inter-dimensional beings draw on all three forms of energy and we, as humans are truly energy generators.

There are many beings that interact with us over the course of our lifetime. Most of us don’t realize there is an interaction that is happening, but if one pays attention and approaches the happening with no fear, the beings will gladly share with us their agendas. Remember since they probably created us, they all have the right to interact with us.

Many of these soul mates are brought together to amplify the frequency of the earth because raising the earth’s frequency will bring betterment to all that live here. Our relationship with these inter-dimensional beings is truly a give and take. They give us life and the means to live, and we give back our vast range of emotional energy, which they freely collect.

Presently, I believe there is a reconfiguring of human couples going on, for the final push to save the earth. These power energy-couples will create renaissances that will sweep the planet and end the wars that are destroying mankind.

Sleep-tight, we all have a cosmic-mate who will join us in the very near future, be prepared, life is a mental game.


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