Vortex photography – Is it all True Series # 297

About 6 years ago I came across by accident an amazing discovery – there are these wonderful vortexes in and around this country (USA) and probably all around the world. I have been very lucky to have an incredible person who map dowses for these vortexes and I go out with this dowsed TOPO map and take random digital photos with Cosmic/brilliant results. If you would like to have a map dowsed for UFOs, Bigfoot or Vortexes or others things contact Kewaunee Lapseritis directly at 425-844-8409 please note there is a charge for his services. Also note when I take the photo the vast majority of the time I do not see the beings but only after in view screen in the back of the digital camera these strange beings are seen. So over the next year I will periodically share with my website visitors these photos of what I feel are inter-dimensional beings. These postings will be posted on the weekends under the headings” Is it all True Series”? I will under each photo describe what I see and please feed-back to me what you see. Either as a comment on the site or a direct email to Mike@truthseekerforum.com Enjoy

So this time on a recent mini- expedition east of Albuquerque we (my partner Rainbow and I) take about 150 pictures in vortex area and some sky shots. So I will share the photos with you below. And we still have 50 to 75 photos more to examine in detail for some other possible strange beings/UFOs.


The Blob beast in the woods east of Albuquerque


Ghosts in a vacant an old home north of Santa Fe.


Small Ancient Head in a cave

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