Somehow you are above it all, thinking you are experiencing an out of body experience, as you seem to float and maneuver yourself while looking down at the particular situation below. Unbelievable you think at what you are witnessing. Or again perhaps you are in the situation experiencing and reacting to a devastating situation. In either case all of your senses are on ALERT. Asking yourself at the moment “How did I get myself into this”? “I went to bed and fell asleep didn’t I”? “I know I did”! Unknown to the abductee he/she had been abducted and perhaps kept asleep until he/she found himself/herself within a realistic situation that the alien extraterrestrials devised as a hologram test for this particular abductee. The abductee finds the situation so realistic and begins to react to the situation. The abudctee feels afterwards that the particular situations that are given as a warning of things to come to change to our earth as our earth goes through the many processes of becoming a “mature earth”. Unknown environmental changes to this maturing earth are known by the higher intelligence of alien extraterrestrial beings.

As an example you find yourself floating above the eastern coastline. You are given instructions that are heard in your head to view the landscape below. You are so mystified at this process but automatically it seems, you follow the orders given to you. Seemingly, there is no time given to think how you can be flying, floating, or even experiencing an out of body affect to what you are able to do at this time and to view the many coast lines on the eastern side of the United States. It is just impossible, but here you are viewing large waves washing away the coastlines and the water going into populated areas causing devastating floods, that eventually tear down buildings, homes, anything in its path. Right now the thought of Katrina came to mind, because many of my friends and clients in this phenomenon were shown this devastation that did occur.

Another specific test is perhaps when you “wake up” in the mist of the hologram test on some beach on the eastern coastline experiencing large waves that washed away the beach, the piers, and the normalcy is gone. For instance you find yourself in New York City or even Florida under these conditions of a horrific flood. Your instant reaction is to run and run quickly as the other people all around you are doing. These people are actually running for their lives as they run quickly into the city. You are able to feel the cold rushing water around your body and the water is rising quicker than you can run to find safety. Eventually finding yourself in the bowels of the city. You quickly spot a higher elevation and swim to it thinking you will be safe. All of a sudden you are distracted by the loud thunderous sound of crashing noises of a huge wave coming towards you, your heart beating so fast you think you are going to die. You find an unusual place of safety. Your reactions set in as you begin to grab at people all around you to bring them up to safety. Overlooking where you are, you see helpless people, being washed away by the depths of this flood that came from the ocean.
At a quick glance large buildings are toppling down on one another, vehicles being turned over and buried by the waters and carried away as toys. In unison, the people you rescued, they are pulling up other people to safety.

Is it possible the alien extraterrestrials are using this hologram test to warn us what can and may happen with global warming?? Think about it. Many of my clients and abductee friends have been put through a scenario such as this. Waking up in our own beds the next morning and trying to make sense of the horrific “dream” we had experienced that previous evening. Wondering why we feel so tired and feeling not our selves mentally or physically. Waking up and immediately searching the media for news of a disastrous flood on the eastern coastline. We find the day hard to get through physically and emotionally. All abductees will shed many tears during the day because of the lack of understanding what transpired during the night still not realizing we had experienced a hologram test, and trying to piece together the experience and hold onto the knowledge that had been given to us on the previous evening.

The realistic part of these types of hologram tests makes you feel that the reality of life as a human here on our planet is a wonderful gift, and we need to protect and honor this gift of life.

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