Wee People Are Out There: Part 2—Is it all True Series #248

Wee People Types in small cave

If you have not read Part 1 of this post, please scroll down to 08/25/12 and read more about the Wee People.
As I have said in Part 1 – I am totally fascinated about the possibility that Wee People, Fairies, Sasquatch, and other interdimensional beings exist. As time passes and I do more vortex photography my reality on this subject is shifting to total realization of its truth.
Now I would like to talk about a group of Wee People called the Megumoowescoo (a mouth full) Wesu (for short) which hang out in the Northwoods of the US and Canada. They are a group of beings, quite peaceful and noted for helping humans. But unfortunately they are nearly extinct. There is a place in Lower Michigan in a swamp area where they still exist. These beings can live to be 300 human years old. Note it always seems like interdimensional beings have a different time/space prospective, and it can truly mess with the human mind at all levels. That is why it is a bit dangerous to walk with the fairies, because we can lose track of our reality (of course some humans would think that is great considering the state of affairs this world is in, but I digress).
The Wesu’s inability to want to change is one reason why they are quickly becoming extinct. These beings are not willing to move to other areas of the earth to survive the rapid human invasion of their territory.
The Wesu are noted for playing magical flutes and their ability to lure wildlife and even humans to do their bidding. The Wesu also have the ability to shape shift into birds and are skilled future-tellers.
So will these wonderful beings survive in a sea of human madness? Let’s all hope so, for their magic is too important to lose. It’s the knowledge we have all forgotten.
Sleep tight, and thanks to J.L.Benet for his great article on the Wesus that I based this posting on.

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