What is a Shaman? Khat Hansen Speaks

I am asked this quite a lot.
The Shaman can traverse the spiritual currents like ghost and still walk the earth like a man.
As within, As without. They are mirror patterns, The currents of spiritual power flow all over the works. They are the rivers of creation from which we came and to which we shall return. The Shaman is a fish that breathes both air and water. We walk a path that is lonely and strewn with the wreckage of souls that have become lost or burdened. We are charged with cleaning the paths and repairing the souls that we come into contact with.
The Shaman is chosen. We have no say in it. Creator has seen who has the gift of reading and drawing the souls and charged them with this laborious task. We are given certain tools to do this job. My tools are Empathy,Aural Reading and repair and precognition.I have had them since age 3. When they were realized, I was given to the Shaman to teach and develop my skills.
The Shaman walks with one foot in this world and one in the other realm. We are able to conduct our work in either. For the world is energy. Humanity is energy. Animals are energy. So are spirits.
And the Universe is a self – perpetuating system.
As above, so below.

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