What is this about? – Liz By Mary Muñoz © July 20, 2008

…In December 1977 I would see for the first time my first remembered UFO. This is not to say that there were no other events prior to this date, but this would be the beginning of a long journey toward the truth of my life and who I am.
In March 1978 I would have another event that would equal in comparison to the first. The only difference was seeing an object and not a light. The characteristics were uncanny and truthfully at the time I thought they were all connected to going out to eat at this one restaurant located on Highway 14 near Cedar Crest, NM.
This is where the first twist would come in, but I wouldn’t know about it until several years later. So before we review the twist let me continue with the events that led up to it.
By the summer of 1978 my family and I had seen another light that would do spectacular things amazing feats for us all. I realize there was an element of fear, especially with my mom and grandmother throughout the event, but for some reason I was connected to what was happening and I had excitement flowing throughout my being. I couldn’t explain it, but it felt right.
Now let us go back to 1974. This is the year I was to turn 12. It was also the year that I had to legally apply for my social security card. I was going by the name Betty Sheffield though my legal name was Mary Sheffield. Wrong! It was on a drive to Farmington, NM that I would learn that my brother and I were not true brother and sister. I found out that I was in fact a child of another man and had a different last name. We were headed to the attorney to change my legal name to the one I had used all my life.
Amazed by all of this I began to ask questions about my dad, but they were never answered. I was told not to worry about him or think about him. He was a bad man and that is all I had to know. Later that year I questioned my grandmother and even she wouldn’t tell me about him either. He became a mystery to my heart. Who was he and why did I have such a desire to meet him? But for that answer we need to go forward to the spring of 1980.
By this time I was 17 ½ years of age. I had not quit yet made it to my 18th birthday when an event would throw me back and the beginning of a whole new direction of my life would occur. I received a letter from a classmate at school. This letter would lead to the most complicated chain of events in my life. Events that would begin back with my first remembered UFO event in December 1978. This would be the time of my awakening of which I was; though at the time I didn’t realize it. It was actually the beginning of a long journey, that would span decades of events and it all started with that fateful night of my conception.

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