Whats happening in Salt Lake City besides the obvious?Is it all True Series #76

I lived in the Salt Lake City area for over 3 years. I always felt a bit strange and at times uncomfortable in the valley. I would drive I-80 East to Park City and the discomfort would fade. Did the Mormons know this was a very special sacred place or was it just the end of the road for their caravan of pioneers? Well, besides its amazing beauty, this area could be at the convergence of high-energy fields producing paranormal events such as the following:
1. Strange huge caverns located under the whole valley with openings into underground mall parking lots, with beings coming and going.
2. Green Man sightings over the Wasatch Mountains east of the city.
3. Vortex events with sightings of exotic animals running across I-80 near Parlays Canyon
4. Deep humming and vibrating in the “benches area” of the city.
5. A center for powerful religious beliefs
6. A long and unstable earthquake fault line running north and south through the center of Salt Lake City.

Side note: A friend and I would fantasize about a race of beings, who lived in caves in Parlays Canyon. We called them the Zenith People, the last members of a group who manufactured Zenith TVs at a plant nearby.

And now besides all of the above the UFOs have come. I have been getting numerous UFO reports from friends in the area. Let me share a recent one. This is the report directly as I received it.

I work with Dennis and he told me a little about you. He said that you were an expert in unusual sighting. He thought that I should contact you about what my friend and I saw on the morning of March 5th at about 2:30 AM. My friend an I were on our way home to Lehi from a late night get together with some other friends in the West Jordan area. It was a very snowy night with visibility at about 3/4 of a mile. We were driving south on Redwood Rd on our way to our Lehi city homes. We crossed the point of the mountain into the Lehi city boundaries near the Camp Williams Military Base then turned west onto 10400 N. This is a County road in the country that has a narrow bridge that crosses a canal. As I slowed down to cross the bridge due to slick roads the sky and falling snow around us lit up with a sky blue color. The area around us that lit up was about a mile in diameter. It appeared as if the light was about 50 feet above us glowing outward toward the sky instead of shining down onto us. It was a very strange glow and seamed to pulsate/fluctuate. There was no noise other than the wind and blowing snow. My friend and I looked at each other thinking, “what the heck was is making that light”. It was like nothing we had ever seen. Our first thought was that it was a helicopter shining a blue light down on us but the weather conditions were such that we did not think that any helicopters would be flying in this weather and it seemed that the light was shining away from us instead of on us. We then started to look at the power lines above us to see if they were arcing but that was not the case either. We surveyed the farm fields around us and there was no light there either. As I stopped the truck and started to get out to look around the light just stopped as suddenly as it started. It lasted what seemed to be about 6-12 seconds. My friend and I were then pretty spooked and curious about the sky lighting up. He wanted to leave the area but I continued across the bridge, turned around, and then went back the other way to see if it would happen again. Nothing happened, so we then went home confused, spooked, and wondering what the heck we just saw. This is not the first time something strange has happened to me. Dennis thought you might be interested in this story. Give me a call or respond to this e-mail if you are interested. Thanks”

Here are the GPS coordinates.
> W 111 55.35 N 40 25.33.

A Final comment: maybe these are just return flights for the Zenith People in this time of earth economic downturn.

Enjoy– life is short so dream long.



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  1. Very interesting, Wiz. I just wanted to share with you that I had those same strange feelings and sometimes uneasy feelings when I lived there. Though I didn’t think anything of it as I was still learning to listen and notice. I never saw anything, but I sure felt a lot! When moving outside the valley area, up into the Park City area, the uneasy feelings left and it became more of a comfortable, familiar feeling. I remember a sense of being watched, but in a comforting way. Maybe I was sensing the Green Man or some other beings? I also experienced a lot of ‘lost time’ when I lived there. And of course, this is where we met… and I do not believe in coincidences. Was it the energy that brought us there and not the work, like we had thought? I know that I still have a connection to that place as I miss it very often. Interesting to ponder. Thanks for this. Blessings!

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