Where is Ufology going in 2010? -Part 2 -Is it all True Series #114

zero point

Dr. Richard Bartlett DC ND has brought to light some amazing stuff about the right brain function. Richard has found a way to collapse quantum waves to reconfigure intent and reorganize reality through right brain formatting. Our right brains open us up to all probabilities of all realities and it does it with little or no drama. The right brain can deal with complex problems and concepts through a visual impression that speeds through our neuron Internet at quantum leaps, so fast that the left-brain is left confused and helpless.

Our left-brain is a slow series processor while the right brain is a multi-processor / parallel portal device. The right brain is the taskmaster of the mind making knowledge at a rate beyond light speed.

What we have to do is shift our reference points and see the other worlds that are present in our same space between the atoms, where a total vastness houses the Zero Point Field.The Zero Point Field is over 99.999999 % of everything in the universe and it is where all truths lie.

I initially never saw any of the beings in the random vortex photos I have taken during the last seven months; they appeared to me after the photos were shot. Of course going to a right brain state is the driving force to open your mind up to perceive these beings. The more the right brain is in charge of the situation the more the universe opens her heart to you. The digital camera is not biased. It picks up whatever it sees, and doesn’t judge or analyze. Where by humans will not see what they cannot perceive. But once it is in the digital matrix our minds, at least some peoples’ minds, can receive the impressions through our right brain.

What is happening in my vortex photography is that they (the IDB’s) can hide between the spaces in-between the atoms (the inter-dimensional place) and wait for an event or reason to reemerge into the physical world of the humans. This right-brain shift is what is needed for the UFO researchers to go forward and truly start understanding this phenomena in 2010.

Please read more from Richard Bartlett – Matrix Energetics, The Matrix Energetics Experience and The Physics of Miracles.

Sleep tight – Remember 02/28/10 is coming, if you say – “What do you mean “? See my special posting on 12/15/09


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