Where is Ufology going in 2010? -Part 3 -Is it all True Series #116 (Connect into the field – to all and everything)

This is the third part in a series dealing with realistic ways to start to connect into the whole concept of alien beings/ UFOs and inter-dimensional realities. Please read part 1 (12/12/09) and part 2 (12/19/09).

First, we need to connect with the Zero Point Field, so let’s pause and define this Field – of the zero point. ZPF is the field of electromagnetic energy that embeds all things in, around, and through the Universe. It carries the memory of all events from the beginning of the existence of all. This includes everything down to the empty space between any other energy field and between dense energy –called matter.

Your frequency is your connection vehicle to the Field; IDBs (inter-dimensional beings) are plugged into the field. Our Internet is a primitive version of the Field. The ZPF is like music, an orchestra, and a congruent signature note – a point of reference. Everything in the field is in harmony with all parts of the Cosmic Universe. Humans are presently outside this congruency, not in tune with the other players. Humans hear static; their task is to change static into a harmonic state. How do humans make this change? They need to get to a place in their self, place of absolute deafening quiet. The easiest way to make a connection to the Field is a link in the mind during a period, void of thought. The noise of our minds creates dissonance making a Field connection impossible.

Once you experience it, it is like the “riding the bike experience” you can hone into the Field and explore and strengthen your connection. There is a way to start practicing to get to the “void of thought position,” it is called observe without judgment. Be in a non-thought state and observe life around you, with no judgment. This method tunes you “up” for the connection to the ZPF, which I believe, is our ultimate purpose. It’s the ultimate frontier, the endgame. It’s like the final technology upgrade for mankind.

It’s the link to real contact with IDBs and it may be the only way.

Sleep always tight and start visiting your place of “void” and get connected.


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