White Crosses and Children Circles- Is it all True Series #21

There were many interesting and somewhat magical people who worked with me in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I have estimated that roughly 25 % of this group had some paranormal experiences; this is the highest number from any place I have lived in the US. Of course maybe they (the Georgians) were more open with me, but they surely had their stories. This is a region where there is much mixing of Celtic and Native American heritage, which makes for a culture of mystical paranormal experiences. For more detail on this -see my posting “The Native American and Celtic Code” from April 28th 2007.

One of the people that worked for me in Atlanta was a sweet young woman named April; she was my assistant, very bright and energetic. She was from West Virginia and was Irish/ Celtic and Cherokee. A curious thing would often happen to her when she drove from Atlanta back home. She would see huge white crosses floating in the mountains. Despite the fact that she wasn’t a religious person, these sighting gave her peace, and they helped her solve problems in her life.

On one of her trips back to West Virginia, her mother (who was all Irish Celtic) relayed a story about an unfriendly/mean neighbor who had just recently died and at the time of her death, a ghost or something stood on April’s mother’s chest. The mother was terrified, but April brought her calm and peace.

Another thing in April’s life was circles; she was obsessed with circles–Life is a circle, a close circle of friends, and children playing in circles. She would see over and over again herself with children holding hands moving in a circle. The children were all very beautiful and would constantly come up to her, smiling and raising their right hand to say hi. I once witnessed this event at a McDonald’s; it truly was an amazing sight, like an emotional feeding frenzy. There were small children from babies to 6 year olds all swirling around her, like she was their cosmic mother; they were so happy to see her. Were these Indigo Children she had some past connection to? April could not have children of her own, doctors didn’t know for sure why – something like she had no or minimum eggs left even though she was 26 years old.Georgia was a rich place for interesting life stories.

Enjoy — Life is short, feel it’s richness. MWiz.


Children of the circle

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  1. As most people here know, CG Jung worked many years with patients’ dreams. However, referring to the conscious layer of cosmic confluence, he once wrote ‘You ask what your dreams mean. Just as well you ask what your waking dreams mean. Waking dreamers, all of us’.

    Here’s to our waking dreams! Thanks for the Truth Seeker Forum!

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