Whitley Streiber 2012 – War for the Souls–Part 1.

Whitley speaks in another fascinating series – about our strange world and his new book.

Every 26,000 years we come to the center of the universe — next time it will happen will be 2012 on December 21 at 11:11 ( are you seeing it), if so you are part of this all amazing event. See my posting on 11:11 – Whats it all about Elfie ? -Is it all True Series #18- Jan.26th 2008 . Huge changes in people are taking place presently. Changes in the audiences , people are more aware. Whitley is saying the intensity of the crowds are increasing. Whitley talks about Art Bell and the present Coast to Coast radio program, and how they are growing the interest of the people. People’s consciousness are floating.

Enjoy — life is very short, make time work for you.


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