Whitley Streiber 2012 – War for the Souls–Part 4.

More Whitley,, The Mayas got their amazing knowledge from another group of beings , maybe ETs?
But the Mayas used this Math and Astronomy to track the stars and their impact on the future of all mankind. Next this amazing event ( a disaster ) 15000 years ago , an meteor or something similar, hit with a hard hit and caused a huge flood effecting in some way most of North America and raising the sea worldwide 20 to 30 feet. Next War for the Souls . We have a Soul , it is central to Whitley 2012 book. Moral question -answered by our life here on earth.This is only a natural world not a super -natural world, somethings we understand and somethings we don’t, this will never change for the more we learn – truly less we know. For learning one thing opens up 3 more questions, with a wealth of knowledge hanging to those questions, our infinite universe.
Enjoy– life is very, very short — go for it, but do the right thing.

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