Why quantum potential weapons (Scalar Waves) are keeping the bad guys (bad aliens) away. Part 1 Is is all True Series ? #117

Over the last 30 years I have heard bits and pieces of information about an amazing old / new weapons system and a force/ energy of unlimited potential for the good and the very bad. This strange story started with a magical wizard called Nicola Tesla, probably the most intelligent human-like genius ever. See my (11/08/08) posting for more on Tesla. After studying Tesla for many years, I truly have thought he was taught/ downloaded all his wisdom from a higher realm. I don’t believe he even knew it was happening, his genius just flowed out.

Tesla died in 1943 under mysterious circumstances maybe at the hands of his own technology. Tesla was able to collect and focus quantum energy from the Zero Point Field into powerful plasma beam. It seems like he and the Nazis were working independently and concurrently on using the zero point – Tesla for good and the Nazis for bad. It is said as time has passed since the 40’s this energy developed into vehicles that have the potential to make the end game happen. It cannot only be a destructive beam weapon, but if blasted into earth, earthquakes can and maybe have happened. It could be dialed down to produce strange effects on human brain waves causing hallucinations and pushing humans into a mind control mode and massive weather modification can be produced. Tesla developed, on a small scale, a powerful shield, which nothing could penetrate. So, maybe some parts of our world are protected by Tesla technology from a possible invasion, Star-Wars defense system anyone.

Many would say, I included, that this quantum technology is science fiction, but a recent event has given me pause. The reason I am writing this posting is because at the 2010 International Electronic Show in Las Vegas, they unveiled a new plasma TV which ran on wireless Tesla electricity. Never did I think in my lifetime that that this technology would be allowed to happen, a new paradigm is about to start. So hold on to your hat. This quantum/scalar wave technology may very much be reality.

I also believe that the Aliens, who gave us this technology, will regard the trade.

Sleep tight a new paradigm awaits you tomorrow.



The Man — TESLA

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  1. Great post on Tesla. I too am exploring what I can find on the Zero point Field. The Law of Attraction seems to be connected to all this. The Law is merely another level in which the field can be described.

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