Why Sleep— for to dream ?

Sleep: why ,,,1/3 of our life is in sleep, about 25 years for most of us. Wow. Do we go to a dreamland world where we must regenerate our life force and essence ? Do insomniacs sleep in a a waking state? Contactees say our creator ( who-that’s for another posting ) wanted us to be able to visit other dimensions and recreate our mind and body. As we all know this (Earth) is a stressful place. The key to a successful experience in the dream world is being engaged and controlling where you are going and what you are doing. Indigenous people from around the world make the dream world an important part of their life-cycle.The dream world for them can become the real world, because if you master it you can control it and enjoy it more than this somewhat mad, unhappy place we exist in.
If we question the need for sleep, are we maybe questioning our whole existence and purpose? Do we sleep for some other being’s pleasure ? Other Contactees say as we sleep we interact with a group of entities that exist only on the dream dimension. They use our energies to fuel their world. Well that gives us a purpose.

One last thought , if you are in a dream and you can turn over your hand and see the backside –Into the Dream-Worldyou have made it.

Sweet Dreams


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