Why The Greys Will Not Disclose Their Identity? Is it all True Series #205

The Greys are made up of probably four groups of sort of gray-colored beings. There are what I call the Type B Greys, which are about 5and ½ feet tall and have triangle-shaped heads, pointed chins and dark black pupil-less eyes. They need food to survive, and prefer dairy products. There are the Type C Greys, which are around 5 ft tall, with more human-like eyes with pupils, but a small nose, mouth and sort of ears with a rounder face, and they can speak with verbal words. They are more human in appearance, might have some human DNA in their make-up. Type D are similar to Type C but their skin is reptilian in appearance, maybe a “C” with reptilian DNA in the mix. The Type A Greys are the most well known and are about 3.5 to 4.5 ft tall and about 40lbs. They has large heads in proportion to their bodies with huge almond black eyes with no ears and a slit for a mouth and nose. They have a tannish, pinkish gray body color. Their nourishment is absorbed directly into the skin (rubbed on animal membranes). They are probably more robotic than bio. And they have done the vast majority of the human abductions and human material gathering.

All the Greys have an agenda here and probably have been here as long as or longer than we humans have. They have been messing with us for thousands of years. We are their cattle. Types B, C and D have had minimum interest in us, occasionally showing up for a curious look at us, maybe hanging around the exam table watching what the Type A Greys are doing. There have been sightings of the B types working along with human scientists in underground bases. Types C and D are rarely sighted or at the least they are not remembered.

I believe the Type As want to be more like us, in every way, some even say they want our souls. So they will continue to use humans until they get what they want. They will also fight and keep any other non-human groups from disclosing their presence, because that would probably expose and end the sinister agenda of the Greys.

So unfortunately we are going to have to wait for a government whistler blower to spill the beans and also at the same time we would have to have one crash a saucer in the middle of the Super Bowl.

Sleep tight – and if you have an encounter with a Type A, just say “No” – these Bio-bots seem to listen, you have the control, don’t give it up.


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