Why We Must Never Forget Fukushima- Is it all True Series ? #194

I have noticed that we are hearing almost nothing about this still worldwide crisis. Is it so bad that our political bodies are too afraid to tell us the truth? The full extent of this disaster may never be known. What other truths will we find out years from now? Will thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people not only in Japan but around the world, have died directly or indirectly from this event that happened on 03/11/11 (1111)?

I would like to again thank the information crusader Arnie Gundersen and his company Fairewinds for educating us and keeping us informed about this disaster and what it means for our planet. In one of Arnie’s latest videos on the disaster, he speaks about the site of the disaster and a recent super hotspot find. Apparently at the base of a release stack, where present gas, moisture and radiation is vented into the atmosphere, a reading of 1000 rem + was found (the measurement device stops at 1000) so it was probably greater than 1000. This means that if you were directly exposed to this for ½ hour with no protection, you would die in a couple of days.

Arnie feels that this was an accumulation of radiation over time from the gas, radiation and water vapor condensing at the bottom of the stack. This may mean the much more radiation has gotten into the environment during the last 140 days of venting. So the water vapor/smoke and other gases would have picked up much more radiation as it moved pass the hotspot and into our atmosphere.

This story cannot go away; we must not let it, for history will repeat itself if we ignore the truth. It will take up to 20 years to totally clean up this mess and over those 20 years it will continue to pollute and kill living things on our earth

So where are our ET friends when we need them? Maybe they are not our friends is a conclusion some will make.

Sleep Tight.


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