Why Would You Reincarnate Here? From Gail Minoque

From Gail Minoque

The Cycle of Life

Now here is a fascinating topic! The general public seldom talks to each other about reincarnation. I usually hear this type of discussion around “New Age” groupings or self-help groups. Some individuals truly believe they were some well-known person in a former life. People go to mediums and psychics and are told what or who they were in previous lives. Since nobody can prove them right or wrong, it makes good copy. It allows them to create reasons why they behave in such a way in life time. An example of this is someone believing their asthma problem in this life is caused by a smothering experience in a past life. Who knows? Sounds like imagination has taken over.

Generally speaking though, most of us haven’t a clue as to why we are here, how long we are supposed to stay and why here of all places. Why didn’t I land on Mars or some other unknown place out “there”? Did I recognize this place and say “home at last, Auntie Em, there is no place like home”. Did I just want to see what this amusement park was like? Why Los Angeles? Was I joining a bunch of angels here? Or disgruntled Dodger fans?

Reasons to Reincarnate Here

I preface the following information with the words: “It is my belief”…that there are several reasons why we reincarnate here. I will mention a few.

Balance Karma.

What is karma? This is the balancing act. If I punch you in the nose, you can be sure somebody will punch me back–sooner or later. It may not be you but someone will do the honors. If I have collected a bunch of this karma from living lives, chances are I have a bit of balancing to do. This is a great place to do it. There are no accidents on the Earth plane. Even those auto accidents are not simply accidents. We just can’t see how two complete strangers can meet each other on that road, in that spot at the same time of day. We just don’t know the history of these two individuals or the thread that was sewn many lifetimes ago.

Experience Free Will

We are given the gift of free will by our Creator. Nobody can interfere with your free will. When I speak of free will, I speak of the ability to choose how you will think about something. How you think will create decisions and actions based upon your thinking. It is a learning lesson for all of us to learn how to use our will wisely. We are not all created physically equal, but we are equal in how we are given the use of our thinking. This has nothing to do with intelligence. If we knew how powerful the mind is, we would understand that what we think eventually gets out-pictured in our world. Through our time here on the Earth plane we are given the opportunity to use our free will wisely and to eventually combine our human will with our divine will.

Experience Emotional Energy

When we are not on the Earth plane we can comprehend and intellectualize emotional energy but we cannot “feel” it. When we arrive on the Earth plane, we get to experience and “feel” all types of emotions, and through the use of our free will, learn how to respond. It is through our responses and the result of our actions that we learn to grow and evolve. This is one reason why we will re-create the same situation in our lives over and over again until we have mastered the emotions and grown from them. Lots of work for all of us in this are.

Benjamin Franklin’s Belief in Reincarnation

When writing my book “Divine Design–How You Created the Life You Are Living”, I came across the epitaph of Benjamin Franklin. He was a strong believer in reincarnation and wrote his epitaph by himself at the age of 22.

“The Body of B. Franklin, Printer, Like the Cover of an Old Book, Its Contents Torn Out and Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding, Lies Here, Food for Worms, But the Work shall not be Lost, For it will as He Believed, Appear Once More, In a New and more Elegant Edition, Revised and Corrected By the Author.”

If I don’t meet you in person in this lifetime, I look forward to meeting you in the next. Remember, you are setting the circumstances for future lives. Be wise in your behavior and decisions now.

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