Will our Cosmic Trauma be reversed on 2012-Is it all True Series #27

I believe as humans we all have suffered major trauma to our Soul and our mind body in our distant past. The definition of trauma ; is an emotional shock causing lasting and substantial damage to a being’s psychological and mental development.

Two unrelated alien contactees shared with me many years ago, this interesting, strange and promising story of our future.

The cause of this Trauma may have been a deep space pulse , about 11,110 years ago. This pulse came from the largest Super Nova maybe in all the Universe. This pulse travels through the Universe (forever) in a grand orbit in the shape of a horseshoe around the theoretical central of the infinite. The last time it came through our star system it put the people of the world and its great civilizations ( Atlantis, MU, Lemuria) into a mental anesthesia we lost major abilities, such as remote sight, telekinesis and manifestation.Also the right brain function was reduced ,decreasing our creativity. The left brain now was in control and promoted more reptilian traits– man enjoyed wars, death and destruction, this brought the end of these amazing civilizations. We still carry this trauma factor with us today.

Now the question is, what will the next pass through of the Pulse do to our present world and its billions of people? One thing I was told it will come back in the opposite direction. I believe this could bring us back to a time major peace and goodwill between all people on earth. Our right creative brain will be free again to create and manifest a world of no needs and no suffering, like back 11,110 years ago. Could this be all true or just a good feeling fairy tale, something to make us sleep in peace in this very troubled world we now live in.

We will not have to wait long to see the results of the next pulse for it is do back shortly in the year 2012 on December 21st at 11:11. GMT.

Sleep tight– have peace in your Dreams.



Super Nova Pulse – Is it coming ?

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