Will the 2012 Survivalists and the Conspiracy Theorists Take the World Down? Is It all True Series ? #182

Some would say it’s a way to make money, to whip up the fear and the wild interest in the world’s end coming in 2012 on 12/21 at 11:11 – of course 11:11 is a whole other conspiracy in itself. There are people building survival shelters around the world paying up to 2 million dollars just on a hunch. If nothing happenings the structures will only be worth a fraction, for these shelters are located in remote regions of the world. Some are reachable only by helicopter or mule train. There is survival food, survival watches, survival guns, and survival protection clothing; blood money to be made from an event that could cause millions to die.

I personally am not concerned, although for Y2K I was well stocked, and I am still eating tuna from 2000. Or is it chicken? It is hard to tell after nearly 12 years. I do think something is going to happen to some but nothing violent or destructive, only something inside of our minds. Of course we will still have earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanoes, droughts, civil unrest and wars; we have had all of these for thousands of years, and we will have them for thousands more.

Inside our minds, a clear choice will be appear–continue your personal course or take a chance and change the world by changing yourself. Release the hatred, the anger and the violence toward our fellow humans. Understand this is not a religious cry; humans come with built-in knowledge knowing right from wrong and compassion from non-compassion. We come with all the tools to be amazing citizens of the universe, but sometimes we just forget.

Now here is the dilemma–if even 1% of the earth’s people start thinking or acting as a collective unit with regards to the 2012 disaster, it could be manifested into reality. So I propose that 2% of the world’s population send out good non-disaster thoughts, that would cancel the negative 1% and leave enough good thoughts to heal the other miseries that exist in the world today.

Sleep tight – remember your thoughts are a very powerful quantum force in the universe, use them for the good of mankind.


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