Would This Be It? Past and Future Collide Part 1 By Mary Muñoz © December 14, 2008

After that moment in the house; where I had an actual memory brought to reality through the use of the black light and opening up of my subconscious mind one would think that this would be the ultimate knowledge to what is happening around my life. I could only hope, but soon truth turned to frustration showing me that I was only peering through the keyhole of a life long forgotten.
Growing up as a child I always approached life differently than my other siblings. At four I had an imaginary friend. At six, I had a reaction to a dentist that would throw my mom into a lifelong embarrassment vowing to never take me back. There was the incident with the doctor, the unexplained cut in private places, and the classic nosebleeds that would be diagnosed away as allergies to dust, because there were no other explanations to what was going on. I was considered the black sheep of the family no matter how hard to fit in I didn’t. And for the majority of my life I always felt out of place at family gatherings. No one understood me and the dynamics of what I had gone through and was going through at the time. Even today I still go through many incidences, but I have learned that there is a time and place to bring up discussions, but I think I have mentioned that before.
I never could understand why I didn’t agree with everything that was thrown at me. I tried to do things right, but things went wrong. So now that I had approached the phenomena through hypnosis I knew I was not totally crazy and I began to understand that there were rational explanations to my past that had never presented itself. I just had to find my direction through it all. Remember this is a big huge complex mess that has many variables. It is just putting everything into the correct sequence to find the path to truth, which was something I was now doing.
Imaginary Friend
I don’t remember my imaginary friend, but my mom told me at first she was concerned, realized at some point it was a phase, and that I would grow out of it. Today I have often wondered if that friend had something to do with my experiences. She appeared when I had moved to Bloomfield, which is linked to my earliest memories of ET involvement. Was she one of the ET’s? I don’t know…yet.
It simply goes like this…even today I still have the ability to see and interact with others from other realms including ET’s. The situation in the hallway was a prime example of many unusual events from my past and my present, but for some reason it just doesn’t have the same dynamics that it had back then. I am a firm believer that it is all due to the conditioning of my life over the years. Bumps and bruises can take away the innocence that we have as children. One of the most precious gifts we have as a child is the ability to see things without question or judgment. If you see a ghost, talk to a spirit, or communicate with an ET; they are real, alive, and remembered.
Life can be a conditioning tool. We can be led to not believe anymore and there for a time I wanted to not believe, but circumstance always has a way of reminding me, but more on that next week.

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