The last Photos from our Washington Adventure,Is it all True Series #90

This will be the last of the series of postings on my 2009 Washington trip. Although my exploring into the inter-dimensional world has just began, I have spent about 40 years chasing UFOs and the related alien types who command these strange amazing crafts. I have talked to about 5,000 human types about their paranormal experiences and their good, bad and ugly relationships with these non-human beings. These non-human/ part human entities I now believe/know are all inter-dimensional travelers, moving back and forth between here and many theres. I guess it took 40 + years for me to realize this simple beautiful fact. But it is like starting over, with a new beginning and no end in sight. This has always been about the journey; the learning is what it is all about. The true purpose of our life here is to chase the wisdom of the unknown.

I am going to share two more photos from the trip, two of my favorites. The first one is a small face in the middle of the woods. This one is unlike most of the other photos because I did see the face first with my eyes, took the shot and then enlarged it. It is an animal face with a human feel to it, sort of has a teddy bear look to it. It had a little bit of smile with a concern in its eyes. It could look in and through a human. So I did not stare very long, I wanted to keep my soul.

The next photo shows a possible Sasquatch on a fence rail. I say possible because at the distance of about 300 ft and because the photo enlargement misses the fine detail, which could have made a definitive conclusion to the identity of the figure. Kewaunee feels the figure could have been a juvenile, about 5 ft tall.

I did also get a small infant-type looking BF laying on the ground but the original did not show well after I downloaded it to my PC, and it would have been even worse if I uploaded to my website.

I hope in the near future I get more looks and pictures into the many dimensions that surround us all. This is where the next true frontier lies. For our past, present and our future can be found in these Gateways.

Sleep very tight – the Gates await.


Small face in the woods
Sasquatch on a fence rail ?

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