You Know When You Have Gone To Far By Mary Muñoz © February 22, 2009

Recent unexpected turn of events in life reminds me that when working in this forum you need to watch what you do and what you say. And with that thought I would like to share some events that could have possibly happened, but only I will know for sure.
1985 was my first experience in learning the lesson of, “There are some things that don’t need to be shared or said.”
Well it all started out with a call. I have a half sibling who was having some problems with a relative. They were kicked out of the house. Being that the sibling was only fourteen at the time I felt that they didn’t need to be on the streets, so I invited them in; when I mean them, the sibling and her boyfriend. Under normal circumstances this would have been appropriate and okay, but this situation was anything but normal.
Bringing this upon me opened up a can of worms that I would later regret. Within twenty-four hours pounding on the front door of my residence was awakening me. “It is the Sheriff’s office, open up.” Stunned and amazed at what was happening I didn’t understand why they want to be at my place. Subsequently they would come in and arrested my half sibling hauling her off to a mental institution. They truly believed that she was going to harm herself and others. They had their guns drawn. It was amazing an interesting thing to go through. Lesson learned, “When relatives have power anything can happen.”
Now one would never think you can beat the system confronting them, but I did, and it doesn’t work! I call the relative, confronted them on what just happened, and was accosted with false allegations toward me. I was being accused of breaking and entering into their house, which was false. Later on I learned that the report they said they made never happened. They just used it to scare me, but scare me from what? Wrong thing to do! Upset at the events I went down to my local pay phone and made the call. “This is the FBI, how can I direct your call.”
After a brief description of why I was calling I was put on hold for an agent. “This is so and so…” I let it all go; all the years of classified information and sightings that I had been given by this source, the relative. I was on the phone for no more than fifteen minutes with a three-minute drive back to the apartment. Not much time in my world. However…
Upon arrival to the apartment my neighbor, who dealt in other things than college work, was speaking to a man in a suit. I walk by them and enter the efficiency I lived in. He didn’t look happy. Then moments later I hear a bang on the door. I go to answer it to find my neighbor on the other side and he was not appreciative of what had just happened. He told me specifically, “I don’t know what you are into, but that was the FBI and they wanted to know everything about you. I told them I don’t know you at all.”
Less than a week later he was moved out of his apartment. All my surrounding neighbors had moved including the ones directly below me on the ground floor. It was this specific neighbor that happened to be unique for the apartment complex I was in. It housed two gentlemen with two kids. Realize these are efficiency apartments, so that didn’t compute in my mind. Why two guys and two kids. The rooms were not big enough. It couldn’t have been the military styled haircuts that gave them away, “No!”s These two individuals were very watchful of my activities. They were always outside when I was. All of this was beginning to give me a bad feeling within. Now if this had just been it, I might have done okay, but…
For the next three weeks. I was being followed on top of it. Now I could have said it was coincidence, but I purposely changed my patterns and the vehicle that was following me did the same. It always appeared to be the same one too. So knowing Albuquerque streets I would challenge them. It actually became a game, but after three weeks of it I gave up, threw my hands in the air, and moved back to my mom’s.
Subsequently my half sibling was let out of the institution only to move back to the residence she shared with the relative; along with her boyfriend, who would take over the lease when I moved. Interestingly enough my half sibling moved back there with him. Why wasn’t she arrested again? I don’t know it is all messed up. It was as if nothing had ever happened. But when I talked to her a few years ago she would report that she was concerned about the relative. To her they had power to know things they shouldn’t and she could not trust them. She was tied up in a mess and didn’t know how to get out. Her entire life has always been like this. Wonder why?
In 1989 this relative shared an interesting story. I know that they knew it was me. They just wanted me to admit it, which I have never done. And since this may not be real it is not an admission if they are reading my stuff. For all anyone knows this is only a fictional story. Their superiors were threatening what they shared. Not only was their job on the line, but something more sinister, their life. Did I hit a nerve?
This brings me back to a recent revelation. I love searching out answers, I love trying to find truth, but in doing so I piss people off. And again I have had, with under no uncertain terms been given a dose of their venomous actions to my choices. They have led me to ignore something that is a part of who I am, but why? What do I have within that is such a problem to them? But then again is this real; only I will know, but it is something to think about.

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