2019 Prophesy and 2018 results –Is it all True Series #446

Here are my 2018 results of my 2018 predictions post on 01/01/18

1.Southeast US– huge wildfires will surprise everyone . – Wrong ( West had huge fries ) – 0 points

2. Democrats win back the house of representatives, Republicans gain one in the Senate ( by surprise) Correct -1 point

3. Mueller finds Trump guilty of obstruction of justice — Republicans do nothing– Not yet – 0 points, but I will take a bonus point in 2019 when it happens and it will.

4. Trumps Son-in-law is indicted – Trumps pardons him – 0 points – but the same comment as above 

5. Trump tries to fire Mueller its blocked by a bipartisan effort — lead by John McCain- 1/2 point I heard this happened behind the scene

6.  McCain passes by the end of the year. – 1 point 

7. Volcano eruptions on the rise as glaciers continue to melt- Very Yes -1 point

8. A strange new disease — causes people to have difficulty in walking-Yes – -1  point Polio-like disease – striking mainly children

9. New scientific papers — show more links between vaccines and autism- Yes  but not as many as I thought — only 1/2 point 

10. 2018 — will rank very high in the ones to remember. – definitely –1 point

So — 60 % – better than last year.

Here are my 2019 Predictions

  1. The stock market will have long 2019 – riding the roller coast hard – landing lower by 10%
  2. Trump fires the  Fed. chief — market dives 5% or more
  3. One large Earthquake hits the West Coast  close to 8
  4. A 911 NYC event Grand Jury will open a major public debate on exactly what truly happened there.
  5. Gold will rise to over $1500 and Silver at or over $20 dollars
  6. Strange alien structures are found deep in the Pacific Ocean off New Zealand
  7. Climate Change related Storms, Droughts, and Fires continue in a big way
  8. Articles of Trump impeachment pass through the House, but no go in the Senate
  9. Two young Movie stars die suddenly and shock Hollywood
  10. Believe it or not – 2019 will be the most chaotic year since WWII

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