My 2021 Predictions and 2020 Results

So lets start with my results from 2020 which were quite sucky

  1. Trump’s new running mate for 2020 is Nikki Haley – O pts.
  2. Trump wins again under mysterious circumstances- he thinks he has won – but still 0 pts.
  3. Both Senate and House go Dem, 1/2 pt. – Georgia Senate runoff win telt the rest
  4. Trump is impeached again at 0 pts (( I am sure the Dems. would like to)).
  5. Trump is removed from the presidency – Nope – 0 pts.
  6. Trump is a victim of an assassination attempt, but it fails he is fine -Nope again, No pts (( only attempt Covid ))
  7. Climate change continues to accelerate in a big way. Yes, one pt. — we had our own Hellfires
  8. A famous talk show host has a near-death experience. 0 pts, as I know
  9. The drones in the sky spread around the country creating great fear, no one has answers. – 1 pts – yes most happening were in January 2020
  10. Green Bay Packer win the Super- Bowl – well am going to take a 1/2 since the game is in Feb 2021 for the 2020 season and they are definitely in the running.

So — 3 out of 10 –30 % the worst since I started my predictions many years ago — I guess I am just getting older and not so much wiser. (( I also guess it’s because it was the worst year in most people’s lifetime – totally unpredictable.

Predictions for a much better Year— 2021

  1. Packers are in the Super Bowl Feb 2021
  2. Trump leaves office finally and during 2021 is indicted on several crimes and some will shock you.
  3. More of Trumps associates and even a family member or two go to jail
  4. Hunter Biden is in trouble with IRS – pays fines and back taxes, but no crimes
  5. Tensions high between US and Russian over hacking — heavier sanctions
  6. More fingers pointing at China for releasing Covid from their lab.
  7. Covid somewhat better as the year goes on, but many cases until the end of 2021 — because of Virus mutations and vaccine production issues.
  8. Famous / TV-radio host dies
  9. Climate change challenges get worse
  10. Good note Thanksgiving and Christmas Covid restrictions lessened. Still, masks and social distancing until 90 % herd immunity gained.

TIME always – TELLS


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