Nick Redfern Speaks: Paranormal Bigfoot

Why Do So Many Bigfoot Researchers Ignore the Paranormal Side of the Mystery?

Nick RedfernMarch 6, 2021

Just about everyone – whether they believe in it or not – have heard of the phenomenon of Bigfoot.They are, in essence, perceived by believers as North American, unknown apes. Even non-believers know what the creatures are supposed to be. As someone who has a deep interest in the field of Cryptozoology (a posh term for monster-hunting), I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods looking for the creatures – and particularly where the beasts have been seen regularly and still are seen in those same places. Such examples are the Big Thicket of Texas, the Florida Everglades, and the massive Pacific northwest forests. The creatures are said to be huge in size and, given there are sightings all across the USA, there must be thousands of the things. This brings me to the most important aspect of all this: why can’t we catch them? Even one! The fact is that we have never caught one. DNA is always hazy. Photos are never 100 percent perfect. The same goes for footage that is constantly debated. I wouldn’t mind if the creatures were tiny, little apes – creatures that could probably elude us if they were the size of a squirrel. But, as anyone knows, Bigfoot is not the size of a squirrel! The mysterious animals are giants!

If, as the evidence suggests, these creatures are real , then we really should, by now, have solid evidence for their existence. Even if the evidence only equated to just one body. Or, one live creature. But, not even that happens. How can it be we’re always able to get good, solid, undeniable pictures of deer, bears, etc., but when it comes to Bigfoot, there’s always an issue. Then, there’s the matter of the Bigfoot creatures vanishing before the eyes of startled people. I don’t mean them vanishing into the woods and blending in. I’m talking about them literally becoming invisible. I know of a lot of Bigfoot researchers who flatly refuse to believe that the things can vanish in a second. Yet, there are so many such cases on the record.
The late Rob Riggs, who was a dedicated researcher of the Bigfoot mystery, told me of the many and varied cases he’d come across in which witnesses to the Bigfoot had seen small balls of light surrounding the beasts. He also had reports of electrical equipment malfunctioning when the creatures were around. I have eight cases on record where people claim to have had psychic/ESP-style conversations with the things. Eyes, in some cases, change from normal to blazing red. Theories abound that the Bigfoot can leave our reality and stride into other realms of existence – what we might call multi-dimensions. “Worm-holes,” and “multi-dimensions” are among the words that pop up in such situations. The ability of the Bigfoot to affect peoples’ minds by the use of a low-frequency known as infrasound – a phenomenon that can affect the human mind and make people sick – has become a part of the Bigfoot mystery. Short-term memories can be affected by it. Witnesses feel sick and nauseous. I could go on and on, but, by now, you’ve probably got the point I’m making.

There’s one even bigger mystery that much be addressed: why is that so many Bigfoot seekers/researchers outright refuse to deal with the weirder side of the enigma? That’s one of the main things in this particular field I’ve never been able to understand. As I see it, we should be looking for the creatures, no matter what they are: flesh and blood, paranormal, or occult-based. That Bigfoot enthusiasts would actually get mad because someone told them they saw a Bigfoot vanish in a flash of light – or encountered it covered in flickering lights – is crazy. Ridiculous. Nutty. Everyone in this field should look at each case on its own merit, and not by censoring the data. Yes, censoring in this field does occur. Shame on them who are driven by belief.
Yes, there really are creatures out there that have become known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Skunk Ape and more. But, they’re not what many people believe them to be – or earnestly want them to be. Namely, North American apes that are akin to African gorillas. The Bigfoot creatures have supernatural angles to them. Like it or not, but these things are much more than unknown apes. Trying to catch them like you might try and catch a grizzly bear is utterly pointless.  Zoology will never solve the Bigfoot mystery. But, a paranormal/occult approach, one day, probably will.

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