2017 Predictions – and Results from 2016 – Is it all True Series #397

2016 Predictions — Results

1. Big Power-ball or Mega-ball scandal – huge amount of money stolen over the years– Didn’t happen, but I am keeping this one for 2017 — I believe it is happening but the public is still not aware , and this money is probably being funneled for no good . No point

2. Russia continues its power play to booster Putin’s ego– Yes very correct and more impacting Putin stuff directly for 2017 — He stole our Election in 2016Point

3. UFO sighting Waves over Dallas, Denver and or Chicago – Yes ,, all three in 2016 had above average sightings Point

4. Crazy weather will continue — more crazy floods and early season Tornadoes — 1/2 point — Crazy floods , no early tornadoes

5. Very dangerous May – hurricane hits Florida- No – No points

6. Packers Win the Super-bowl – No go – No points

7. More bad school shootings– Russia , England and or USA – all areas below normal average of shootings , Russia – none known — No points

8. Large strange Green Ball streaks across the Midwest and explodes over West Virginia , one Air Force jet clashes trying to get a closer look. There was a large Green over West Virginia , but no Air Force clash —1/2 point

9. One of the GOP candidates dies before the convention , They all died except for one -point ME

10. Hillary wins the election but the VP is a big surprise – Yes she won ( stolen by Russians and Trump ) VP no surprise 1/2 point t

Worse than last year 45% correct – extra sucks

***Here we go 2017 Prophecies***

1. 2017 will prove to be a year none alive will ever forget .

2. The Election steal by the Russians will lead us into another cold war and almost HOT war III. President Pence will save the day.

3. The Packers will go to the SuperBowl

4. Climate warming will keep marching at an accelerated rate many scientists are showing major concern on the increased rate .

5. A very famous young athlete will die suddenly

6. A new whistleblower out of left field from the public eye –on their deathbed – ” shadow government– Mars ”

7. False Flag event — 911 type

8. Continued foreign Hacking will disrupt US and European electrical grids

9. A new war between India and Pakistan will break out

10. A 6.2 earthquake or greater will hit California

And one last prediction 100% chance — the sun will rise tomorrow.