Orion Maya Labyrinth Activation – Belen New Mexico Mesa

Hi Everyone,

Here is a short video of the Orion Maya Labyrinth Activation on Dec.10th. Hope you feel the building of energy !!!!
Ben and I want to personally Thank Daniel and Zenne for filming and working long hours on this to edit and create it after we went through much footage.
Ben will hopefully be able to make a DVD of the full ceremony sometime in the future!

We also want to express our Deep Gratitude for all those who particpated in this momentous activation,please feel free to pass this along to others to enjoy or may be inspired to create their own labyrinth!
(see www.actah.com)
Also Ben is in the beginning stages of his website but you are welcome to see it at www.spiritlabyrinth.com

Blessings for a Beautiful Sacred New Year! Debbie”LIttle Dove” Simerl and Ben “Earthwalker” Brown