The Possession Of Aliens ? Is it all True series # 423

Blurry image of nightmarish alien beings.

The fear that comes from the very word, possession conjures up memories of just about every possession type movie ever made. How many people wake up each day worried that something will take over their body? Probably not many, because as humans, we don’t live life thinking in terms of our bodies being possessed or fear the unthinkable … body snatching. It’s a made for movie problem, not so much a real life problem. But what happens to those few who have experienced possession? Are they ever the same or does the relationship between body and soul have a whole new meaning?

The body is the vessel that contains so much of our life experience here on earth. The library within is a complete anthology of who we are and it contains our evolution as souls. Our bodies are truly the vessels of experience because in order to complete multiple life cycles, I believe we need multiple bodies. Some may argue this statement but it’s one that I have come to understand as the truth. The human experience is so much more and I am forever grateful to God, our architect of life for the endless opportunity to learn and grow throughout the ages.

With the alien abductions I have experienced, I have learned that with my brain’s ability to contain information, it also can be so manipulated. Reality versus implants becomes muddy and permeable to what I think the truth is. Maybe what I remembered really didn’t happen or it did on a larger scale. After all these lifetimes, I wonder why my brain and body are still so vulnerable. But I got to thinking, what of that of Aliens? Can they be possessed like humans and would any other entity really even want to take over such an adversarial foe? Would it even be the same or is it really an earth based condition and one that only humans experience.

In the scheme of things, does the evolution of a species play a part in their vulnerability? Why are humans specific to earth plagued problems that come with the deluge of experiments, abductions and the subjugation of fallacious rule? Do Aliens experience what we do in their own communities or do they have an entirely different type of dynamics within their communities that places them in a different realm?

Do the various entities have procedures that dictate who they conquer, harass or manipulate? How is it, that mankind can be possessed and yet we never hear of Aliens such as Greys, Reptilian or the Tall Whites that succumb to the same problem? Do dark entities know instinctively who to manipulate and subjugate? If it happens, it’s a well kept secret at least from a human standpoint.

Wouldn’t it make sense to possess a more powerful species? Perhaps this is a dark secret that dark entities don’t want us to know about. With Aliens highly evolved minds, are they impervious to attacks and possession?

With our emotional strengths and weaknesses, we can overcome any adversity and yet call to ourselves the very darkness that we so detest by one emotion that serves no one, it’s called fear. It can blanket every aspect of a person’s day or night, taking over the sanity of their lives, creating a perilous existence. Fear seems to be the one thing that human beings carry within them that other species don’t. If fear is our Achilles heel, what would be so for other species? I really don’t think that we are so inferior as a species that we are the only ones being attacked and tormented by malevolent creatures. But I must admit, when I was in the company of Greys, it never entered my mind to ask this question. It wasn’t even on the back-burner for future encounters.

Can the idea of people following their religions be a beacon, that invisible marker that attracts these dark creatures? Religions in their many traditions tend to become the mediaries between humans and their divinity. The unfortunate consequence of letting someone else tell us what God wants us to know, is that it seats us at a disadvantage. Sometimes religion creates a disproportionate echelon that places people at the very bottom or more to the point leading them to believe that is their rightful place.

Adding to this question, I haven’t really heard of a Sasquatch, Dogman or other Cryptids becoming possessed but maybe this is because the archaic stories of old have somehow been lost through the forests of time, along with the creatures of old. Interestingly enough, with the paranormal activity connected to abductions, I wonder if the ethereal world beyond the veil has more to it than we can ever fathom. Maybe Aliens don’t become possessed because they are a part of the possession itself. So the question then becomes, who is worse, the demon or the Alien?


Debryon, the Quoter of Life– Is it all True Series # 384

Please note that if you wish to use this drawing, please ask me first. All my drawings are copyrighted.

Debryon is an interdimensional Being that communicates with me through quotes and statements regarding life and human dynamics. He’s one of my favorite contacts because he is a very wise and old soul.

This is the second in a series of 7 drawings I have done of each being. Comments are welcome or if anyone has seen something similar, please let me know.

Drawings by Rainbow – a Paranormal Researcher, Experiencer and Artist

Rainbow's Diary– Is it all True Series #363

mother and child human aliens

New Additions 11-23-14
These two additions from my diary have always stayed with me through out the years. I decided to share them because I think people need to know that there have been visitors coming here for many years. I feel if people need proof at this point in history then they really are living with their heads in the sand. We all instinctively know what is the truth. In today’s day and age, people are accustom to bury the truth deep within them. The more technology, the more foreign our higher-selves become to us.

The Men in Black memory, is one of many. The Alien-Men in Black taught me when I was a little girl so I tend to have a love-hate relationship with them. The government, Men in Black are just agents who take on the appearance of the initial Men in Black. The only similarity they have is the way they dress, beyond that there is no comparison.

Spacecraft and Children

Written down 9-8-2010
I was invited as a special guest to visit a spacecraft that was positioned close to earth. The human looking visitors were familiar with earth and they often came to visit us from what I was told.

I was standing in an unusually shaped spacecraft that served like a classroom of sorts for various types of curriculum’s being taught to these visitors kids. We were all in very tight corridors so I knew it was a small spacecraft that operated more like a transportation vehicle. I was walking around many children who looked just like children on earth. I had the feeling that the mothership they came from was massive and not far away, though I can’t recall seeing it, I had more a feeling it was not far away.

The light inside was very bright and I was taken aback because the children seemed really excited to see me. For some reason I was compelled to tell the kids that I was from earth and immediately the hostess who was showing me around, anxiously told me not to tell the kids where I was from because I would scare them. This was so odd to me but it was made clear to me to keep quiet. I wondered why they felt this way about earth…

The children seemed to move at a faster speed then me and my mind had a difficult time slowing them down. They were highly intelligent and they obviously exuded a higher frequency then me. A little girl came over to me and started to excitedly talk to me but she was giving me a really bad headache. I immediately felt dizzy as she focused all her attention on me. Her speech sounded like it was on fast forward and I couldn’t keep up with what she was saying.

She was around 9 or 10 and her brain function was so much higher then mine and I could tell she didn’t understand why I couldn’t understand her. She assumed because I looked like her that I was just like her.

I came back from this experience very humbled because the children were just so much more intelligent then not only our kids but most adults here. I remember the hostess telling me that they learn at a very fast rate. In a silly way I almost wished that some of their intelligence would have rubbed off on me. I knew I was human and without a doubt that just wasn’t going to happen.

real man in black 2
Men in Black/a Pointed Needle/a Voice behind Me

The year of this experience wasn’t written down but I believe I was in my late 30’s. The first thing I remember was that I was tied down by my wrists and ankles to a large chair that made me look like I was a small child. It reminded me of the electric chairs in years past that they used in prisons. This one must have been for very large people.

There were two Men in Black standing in front of me by a doorway. They weren’t the white skinned Alien type but government agents. None the less, they were dressed completely in black, including sunglasses. I really didn’t like them and my animosity was growing because they seemed to be making fun of me. I lunged forward trying to get at them and realized I was tied down by my wrists and ankles.

A voice from behind me told me to look at my right palm. My wrist was untied and for a minute I thought maybe I could untie myself. The voice told me to take my right palm and place it over a long, pointed needle that was about a foot long and pyramid shaped. I immediately felt uncomfortable and I told the voice emphatically, “No,” and then said they couldn’t make me. The two Men in Black started to laugh and I again instinctively lunged at them which made them laugh even harder.

The voice told me again to place my palm over the needle and I again said “No!” All of a sudden my right arm moved on it’s own which was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt and I immediately knew I couldn’t stop it. I watched as my right palm moved over the sharp point of the long needle and no matter how much I focused, I couldn’t stop my right palm from being pricked by the needle. I blacked out as soon as I felt the tip of the needle prick my palm.

I believe the purpose of the chair was to intimidate me and make me feel like a small child. What I can say is because of the experience, I realized that I acquired a different kind of perception, almost like my frequency was altered, more sensitive.

I saw no cut or prick on my right palm after I remembered the experience happened. There were no marks on my wrists or ankles. My palm in no way felt sore or showed any signs of being messed with. I was agitated beyond belief though, and I honestly think I could have taken those Men in Black on and beat the crap out of them.

By Rainbow Radaelli –

The Aliens working from the shadows – but very much among us-Is it all True Series # 344

ToddMichaelAs I get a little older and hopefully a little wiser, I come up with these somewhat profound, or at the very least interesting, conclusions about these beings that have lived among for us (humans) our entire existence on this earth. To the best of what I am seeing, feeling, and hearing, there are primarily four groups in control of this planet during the last 100 years. One group is the Greys. They are a group of 4 to 5 feet tall, a paler white than grey, beings. They also created AI bots (in their own image) that are slightly shorter. The bots obey every command of their masters. They have been responsible for most of the millions of abductions humans endured over the last 60+ years.

Next the taller Grey, Reptoid, also called the Archons, are more emotional than the shorter Greys. They are very much directly involved in human policy and political control, living through the minds of our wonderful politicians worldwide.
Next the mean guys, the Reptilians. Some Reptilians are close to 8ft tall and damn ugly and at times, they are extremely brutal in their ways; all other groups give them space. They will take what they want when they want. They can shape shift into anything or anybody. They want you to know they are in your face and you need to deal with it. Not a happy group. The good news is there is some unknown force that keeps them from totally consuming mankind. I can only speculate this force is maybe human love and fearlessness.

Last, the human hybrids, a small group of beings part alien DNA and human created by the Archons and the Greys. Their purpose, I believe, is to create a new smarter, more durable and less emotional race. The next race to occupy the earth, our present humans have lost their way, destroying the earth. This new R ace will occupy Earth with less than 50 million total beings always in prefect balance.
Finally, the four groups will never appear in public, for it is easier to rule from the shadows. Being a direct occupier causes total chaos, something which would slow or stop their profound agenda and time is running out for us all.

Sleep tight – change is coming, it is what the earth wants and deserves

The Reed Family- series of evidence of Alien Encounters— Is it all True Series # 299

Face to faceSheffield, Massachusetts is the location of one of the Reed family encounters with a group of aliens (non-human type beings). The family’s encounters will be discussed on a new Canadian TV show called “Alien Mysteries.” In 1966, at their home in Sheffield, 6-year-old Thomas Reed and his brother Matt had their first major UFO/Alien encounter. There were flashes of light in the backyard and he and his brother found themselves at the other end of the property looking at glowing odd-looking beings. On this encounter the boys were walked onto the ship, which was about 60 feet round by 12 feet high. The ship looked like a large beat-up turtle. In the ship the boys were shown a willow tree and a body of water on a large screen. The boys didn’t remember how they got home that night.
Again in 1967, the boys were taken again with bright lights and silence starting the encounter. On the ship the beings were very interested in Thomas’ cleft foot; the beings were either putting stuff in the boys or taking something out.

Another encounter occurred in 1969 (at least what they can remember) again in Sheffield, MA. This time it started in the family car and ended on a ship and then back in the car. This time there were 40 witnesses to the large UFO and most of the witnesses reported the incident.

The very last Reed family encounter was when Matt Reed moved to Brownsburg, Indiana. On this encounter Matt described three different types of beings, one reptilian, one the typical grey and one taller than a grey, but it had elephant looking skin. The aliens put something in Matt’s head, which sounded like a radio with someone moving the dial through a series of stations.

Many UFO groups and other scholars have been investigated the Reed family cases, and many feel that this is a real McCoy encounter. One last interesting item, the family has RH negative blood…more on this blood type and alien encounters in a future posting.

Sleep tight — Life is short, enjoy the “EDGE.”


Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 98

Near Wakefield, England Part 2
Date: March 31 2010 Time: 11:30 a.m.

One evening as she approached her mum’s house in her car she thought she saw someone
run into an alleyway opposite her house. All these alleyways are gated and it was dark so not
many people would want to go into them. She thought it might have been a burglar so she
mentioned it to her mum. She then made a point of keeping an eye out of the window just in
case the ‘burglar’ made a return visit. She could also hear noises coming from outside though
she could not see anything from the window. She looked out the from door letter box and saw
what looked like a tall very skinny man standing in front of a neighbor’s car facing where she
was, his face looked like it had large eye sockets though they were dark and she couldn’t make
out any eyes, his skin looked gray and wrinkly though stuck to the bones like it ‘dried and dead’.
He seemed to sway very slightly. She opened the front door quickly but there was no one there.
She went to the front window, but there was no one there. She went back inside and watched
through the letter box window as a car drove by and the tall thin stranger turned his head to
watch the car pass, and then resumed his posture facing her direction, another car passed and
he did the same thing. She told her mum and she went barging out of the house to check but he
was gone.
The lasers continued for several days and one day she had to call the police out when she
was back at the house because she could hear noises in her attic and what sounded like muffle
d speech, while she was on the phone with the police there was a loud banging coming from
her daughter’s room where one of the loft hatches is located, when a policeman later checked
the hatch and fell down her daughter’s wardrobe it made the same noise but the police could
not find anyone in the house and no sign of entry.
The final and most significant incident happened on March 31 2010 at around 11:30 a.m.
when the witness was on her way to meet a client when something very ‘odd’ happened. She
pulled off the M1 motorway just south of Wakefield to call the client and tell him that she was
10 minutes away, she didn’t want to hang around too long as she had just performed a U-turn
at a no U-turn sign and after a 2 hour drive she just wanted to get there, finished and go home.
In front of her a lorry (truck) drove off and 2 large black saloon cars with blacked out windows
pulled in front of her. She watched briefly as 3 men in black suits got out of the first car and
made their way to the back door of the second car, which opened and the men started talking
with someone in the back seat of the car. She then heard her cell phone signal indicating a text
message so she picked up the phone and looked at the screen opening the message. The next
thing she knew she looked up and the cars were gone, there was no text message on the phone
and it was over 1 hour later. She also had a strong recollection of having had a long
conversation with an alien being, tall and aqua blue in color. She was lying down at the time
and viewing ‘her’ from chin upwards as she was above her head. The alien had large oval black
eyes, and no nose to speak of, no real lips but a mouth. The alien ‘spoke’ to the witness without
moving her lips and they discussed how the world needed to be saved, how peace was
important right now, it was so important that she should make this happen in some way, that it
was her ‘job’. She asked for more ‘tools’ to help her achieve this end and was told that they
would see what could be done.