Reptilian Influence is it all True Series # 425

Part One

In October of last year I had a very unusual dream that seemed to encompass both this world and the ethereal realm. Most of my blog posts have been about the Greys and a few including the Nordics and Insectoids. This dream/memory I am going to share with you is one of the few Reptilian experiences that I can remember. The fact that it happened here in Utah doesn’t surprise me since there is a huge community living underground here extending through the Salt Lake valley and towards Dugway Proving Grounds.

But to put things in better perspective, let me go back and relay an experience I had in Salt Lake City, 9 or 10 years ago to set the stage. I was at a big convention center for a conference centered around a product that I sold called Nu Skin. The company is based in Provo, Utah and I came out to see firsthand their complete line of products besides the typical pep rallies. I must admit that I did find at the time a very weird energy at the conference and I found some of the people strange for a lack of a better word. Some of them just didn’t fit the typical profile of the entrepreneurial types walking around like myself.

Around the afternoon of the first day, I decided to go outside and walk around since I was tired of sitting and listening to the multitude of speakers lined up. Plus the large crowd was exhausting to navigate through and I’m not a crowd kind of gal. I started to walk towards the large Mormon temple and crossed the street by a big underground car garage. It had a strange energy to it but I thought, well, this is a new city that I’ve never been to before so maybe it was more me than the underground garage. As I was walking I saw a young man in a security guard uniform walk quickly towards me. He told me I needed to go immediately and to walk away from the underground parking garage. I saw a black SUV pull up around the same time he came over and impatiently told me I needed to leave. At first I thought he was being rude and I coldly asked him directions to shops and restaurants and he pointed towards another street. He left in a hurry and I crossed the street and started walking towards the direction he pointed to.

I know now that the SUV I saw could have been my down fall. I am sure at this point that there were Reptilians riding inside and that Security Guard … saved my life.


Military Industrial Complex or Alien Industrial Complex – Is it all True Series #175

In life it sometimes takes a very long time to formulate conclusions on subjects like UFOs and non-human entities. These things involve non-human, non-linear thought, which may always be beyond human comprehension. The only chance at understanding we may have is to communicate with something in between, such as a hybrid, if they even exist. I do believe attempts have been made to create these hybrids as the go-between for humans and non-humans.

Assuming for a moment they do exist, hybrids’ life in human society is not a happy place. They cannot emotionally compete with humans; it is the only thing we (humans) can do better than these hybrid entities. Of course our emotions get us in trouble, but they also separate us uniquely from the hybrids. If you pay attention they (hybrids) are out there. I would guess every human who is out in the world moving around passes a hybrid at the minimum once or twice a week. Pay attention and you will see them.

So where could one see a greater number of these hybrids? In and around our national labs, military installations, and the companies that are a part of the Military Industrial Complex. Why are they there? They are there because they can be watched and their superior knowledge can be used, for good and bad, for and against us humans.

The hybrids and their handlers have a major ability and knowledge of mind control techniques that makes human minds as supple as a lump of moist clay, to be modeled for any agenda, as Hank Worbetz states in his book “Reflections of a UFO Investigator.”
He goes on to say, “The manipulation of the mind through the use of thiopental sodium also called truth serum combined with hypnosis could rip a psyche into a thousand pieces and reshape it into any form the intelligence community wanted,” and it has, and they will in the future use these methods.

Now here is the kicker: after interviewing a thousand plus possible abductees, many of them are either from a military/lab environment or their parents were. Of course not all abductees are military related, but the overwhelming trend is definitely in that direction. The real game may come down to the fact that the Military Industrial Complex is really the Alien Industrial Complex, and our military and related industrials are just pawns in a high stakes chess game, which we can’t win.

Sleep tight, it could be worse – and remember there is still vast beauty for us to witness until they turn out the lights.