Giant Wings of Those Giant Birds: Part 2 -Is it all True Series #253

Big-winged bird sightings have been with us for hundreds of years, but interestingly enough there have been thousands more UFO photos. The reason is that most of these birds are night flyers (with no lights).
Besides my personal experiences in Part 1 posted on September 29th , many other people around the world have had amazing sometimes very scary “Big Bird” experiences, unlike the friendly yellow one on PBS.

In April of 2004 a man in southern Mexico sighted a bird with an 80 meter wingspan, which is the same as a DC-9. The man had worked for an airline so he was a very good judge as far as a comparison to an aircraft.
In Guatemala a few hundred years ago there were stories of children being taken as they were playing or working in the fields. The villagers started putting large baskets on their children’s heads to keep them from being taken. That helped for a while but finally the villagers had to find the large nests usually in caves and seal it off with large rocks to entomb the birds and end the threat.

In the middle 1800’s in the Chilean desert, miners spotted huge birds covered with gray feathers, with heads similar to lobster with large glowing eyes. In the 1970’s in Argentina miners there unearthed large remains of a flying
creature, which has never been identified to this day.

In New Mexico there has been a persistent story about a super large Stingray-looking creature flying between the Gallup area and the Four Corners area. If you have ever seen a Stingray in the water, it looks the same flying in the sky with its beautiful waving wings, big and very black, truly an unbelievable sight. I have personally heard of at least 5 sightings in the last 10 years. The witnesses were very shaken as they told their story.

Sleep tight – one more interesting posting will be coming your way about these truly amazing, scary and beautiful big-winged creatures.