Episode 9 Dimensional Walking – Identifying what lurks in the paranormal

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Who or What is at my Door?

Scary Door By Nathan Wright

This is a question we all ask when the doorbell rings or there is a knock at our door. We think, who is there wanting to bother us? Is it a package, a prank, a neighbor, a salesman, or even a cop? It’s always a question and many times a concern.

But in the paranormal world, the knock or ring can be something much more sinister; a MIB, black-eyed children, or maybe a straight out demon. The one thing they (paranormal entities) all have in common, is, of course, their first objective, convincing you to give them permission to come in. It seems like they get extra leverage or power over you if they are inside your house. But they never seem to push or shove their way in, even if you are a frail elderly person, it’s all about the permission. It’s like the person inside the house is granting the outside entity special privileges, maybe just maybe to the insider’s soul.

It’s like in the vampire movies, the Vampire can never enter without permission, but if it’s granted, Katie bar the door, and the Vampire gains total power over the invitee, and they willfully submit to their every desire.

So, the reason I wrote this piece was that my neighborhood starting having encounters with three aggressive young people trying to get permission to come in her house and clean a carpet free with Dawn soap

It all seemed quite strange. And some of the encounters happened late evening in the dark, unusual time for a normal sales visit, now it became a creepy sales visit.

They became very rude and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Let me note here, how this came to my attention. We have a neighborhood website covering several square miles of neighborhoods and hundreds of neighbors, which allows all of us to keep up with things like this, which I think is great.

Several people on the website started encountering these door to door sales-people, and another aspect of the encounter was the fear and anxiety the homeowners noticed during and after the encounter, like many of the stories of the paranormal entities I mentioned above.  Interestingly enough, I believe the fear and anxiety is what saved the homeowners from the outsiders.

Something in the human psyche saves them, even the weak and meek. If not, I truly believe harm would come once permission was given, We will probably never know if the three-door to door sales-people were just aggressive young people, maybe trying to case the house to steal some items or something more sinister.

Sleep tight, your home is your castle – protect your permission to enter to any stranger that feels not right.


BECs: the MIBs of the 2000s –Is it all True Series # 321

black eyedAs a researcher for the last 40+ years one of the areas of the paranormal I have been involved in is the study of Men in Black. Most of my research came during alien abduction research. Normally it was a typical story where after an encounter with something paranormal, the guys with very pale skin and black suits visited the victim to threaten them to keep quiet about their UFO visitation.

I personally had an encounter which got my attention, but I was surprisingly able to keep my cool and totally confused the MIBs into leaving my home.So about 5 years ago I started hearing about these Black-Eyed Children and their visitations, sort of like Children of the Corn stuff, and at first I thought this was just a sci-fi carryover working on people’s minds and creating these encounters. But as I read more and more about it I was convincing myself of its reality. Recently I read a book about these beings by a guy named David Weatherly, and I started taking the subject a bit more seriously.

The common experience that has developed is two BEC children knocking on the door and asking to come in. They use excuses such as, “I need to use the phone…we are cold and need to warm up…our mother is worried,” etc. Their appearance is of one older and one younger child, possibly siblings, who are dressed quite normally, but have very pale skin and those amazing solid midnight-black eyes – hence their name, Black-Eyed Children.

These BECs seem to strike fear in people during their initial encounter “asking the human to be allowed in” to their house. Interesting that if it wasn’t for the jet eyes and their strange monotone talk, more would probably get into people’s houses, like home invasions. I would assume some BEC have gotten into people’s houses, but the results of these very close (in the house) encounters are not known. I would expect that the elderly would make prime targets. The BECs are a scary lot, but like the MIBs, encounters with them are very survivable as long as you face them without FEAR. Your mind will save you in the moment.

Sleep tight, if there is a knock think twice…