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I want to wish all Canadians and Americans a happy and safe holiday week-end. This is a time to celebrate the freedom and blessings both countries offer their citizens.
Creating a New Reality

Many times I hear from clients that they want something new but they immediately assume that the future will look exactly as their past. If they have been hurt in past relationships or have experienced losses, they always believe it will happen to them again. A friend recently sent me this email message. I invite you to read it and take a moment to really think about it.

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.”

I strongly believe this to be true. It is our job to open our hearts and allow something or someone new into our lives. Surely everyone must realize we are at a point of immense change on this planet where we are either going to make it or not. There is no going back. So you can choose to hold onto the past as if your life depended on it or you can open yourself to the future and use your God given abilities to create the reality you really want. The choice is yours.

Here is something else to contemplate. “There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters and who never did. Who won’t anymore and who always will. So don’t worry about people from your past. There’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.”

Many people want things to stay the same because they don’t want to chance losing their jobs, relationships or any other securities they believe they have. Holding onto the past is a losing battle because the past is over and things are changing very quickly now. We have no choice but to let go and move forward with ease rather than resistance.

The world is in bad shape, just read the news. With each wave of higher energy such as we experienced in May and June, it becomes apparent that we need to do something different. We are at a pivotal point and we all have a choice in what is going to happen. We have the power to create the future we would like both personally and globally instead of leaving it up to others to make decisions for us.

We all have the power to create miracles as we are all God-like beings. Unfortunately many of us are not using our powers of manifestation. We don’t understand how reality gets created. To help you understand this, I am including an excerpt from my book “Your Soul: The Roadmap to Your Life” on how reality is created.

“We are all spiritual beings and we create our reality one hundred percent of the time. If we wish to live in ignorance of this fact then we create a reality that does not include soul awareness. The advantage of being aware of our true nature is that we can create the reality we want. Otherwise, we create unconsciously and must live with the reality others created. This can lead to feeling like victims of life instead of the powerful creators we really are.

The reality we experience is shaped by the beliefs of those who live on this planet. Reality is not fixed but shifts as our personal thoughts and those of others change. Reality is a multilayered creation and no two people have the same reality. Our thoughts shape the energy that flows through us and creates the personal reality we experience, as well as the reality of those around us.

Reality is a function of our consciousness and therefore no matter what the situation, it can only be changed by our consciousness. When we realize we have the ability to create our reality, we recognize how powerful we are. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they have this kind of power, and if they do, they are not using it to change their lives.

The frequency of the energy that flows through our bodies is determined by our thoughts. Therefore our thoughts create our reality. For example, positive minded people tend to look on the bright side and try to see the good in any situation rather than think of worse-case scenarios. Negative people tend to subscribe to “what if” thinking, which is fear-based and focuses on what could go wrong. This serves to increase their fear and anxiety about how they will cope should these unwanted possibilities manifest. What they fail to realize is that their very thoughts are attracting these negative scenarios into their lives.

All thoughts are made of energy and look like sound waves. Positive thoughts have a faster frequency and higher amplitude, while negative thoughts have a slower frequency and smaller amplitude. When we think positively, high frequency energy flows through us and raises our consciousness. When we think negatively, lower frequency energy flows through our bodies and depletes our energy and decreases our conscious awareness.

When we take responsibility for creating both our personal and global reality, we realize that we have chosen the life we have and how we experience it. Our family members, teachers, religion, friends, and environment may influence us, but in the end, we chose the reality we want to see.

We chose to either face our issues or blame others for our misfortunes. We choose to either find solutions to our problems or decide nothing can ever change. In order to evolve and have what we want, we must take responsibility for what we are creating and harness our tremendous power as creators. Only when we do this can we feel powerful.

We must understand that when we create our reality, we must make responsible choices that will benefit all sentient beings everywhere, and not just what is good for ourselves. I have always admired the way that Native Americans address problem solving. When they consider a solution, they look at how their decision is going to affect seven generations hence. If every time we made a decision, we considered how our actions would affect not only our future, but the future of humanity and the next seven generations, I am sure we would be living in a better world.

Victims are people who do not take responsibility for what they have created for themselves. Either they believe they have no power or the power to create change lies outside of themselves. Typically these people give away their power to professionals or others they believe to be more knowledgeable or powerful than they are. They allow others to make decisions for them because they believe that others know what’s better for them than they do. When they hold this belief and refuse to take responsibility for what they create, they allow others to run their lives and then they feel like victims when they don’t like the choices others make.

The combination of putting our trust in “experts” and our increasing reliance on technology has made us feel powerless, in spite of the amazing things technology allows us to do. The technology that allows us to manipulate nature only reinforces the false belief that nature is something separate from us, something we need to control and dominate. The real truth is that we are creating the reality of nature. When we see the polluted state the planet is in, we think the solution is more technology which only leads to the relinquishment of our power, instead of creating a reality of a pollution free planet.

The truth is that technology can sometimes have disastrous results. Many hundreds of thousands of people suffer and die from drugs we believe to be therapeutic. When we believe technology can achieve the desired results, we neglect to search inside ourselves for the means to achieve the same ends. Every gain in technology is a loss of internal power. We could produce the same results as technology if we would only use our full power to create the reality of perfect health or an unpolluted world.

Another way we give away our power is by electing political officials. When we elect officials, we surrender our right to evaluate and make our own decisions to governmental agencies, religious teachers, and the media. By choosing others to make our decisions, we have chosen a reality in which we see ourselves as powerless, especially if those we elect make decisions we don’t approve of.

We have been conditioned to believe that in order to fit in and be accepted, our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors should be determined by the rules, interests, and images that lie outside of ourselves. Surrendering our authority to others corresponds with the reality we have created and the dimensional level we live on. This is not who we truly are but we have become so susceptible to manipulation that we doubt our ability to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong.

Even though beneficial energy permeates all space, we do not always make good use of this energy. Negative thinking, depression, fear, and bad habits act like a repellent because of the law of attraction. On the other hand, thinking positively, doing good deeds, and expressing love, good will, and joy towards others allows this energy to flow through us. When this positive energy flows through us, we are able to access the higher realms and expand our consciousness. This contact changes us over time and helps our souls to evolve.

We can create a magnetic effect by putting positive energy around a vision or thought we would like to manifest. The positive energy of our thought or visualization acts like a magnet to attract what we desire. Let’s say you wish for more prosperity and love in your life, then imagine yourself to be a large horseshoe shaped magnet attracting love and prosperity. The more positive energy you attach to this desire, the more quickly you will manifest it. Be sure you are clear on what it is you want to create because this really works.

When you want to create perfect health repeatedly say, “I intend to be in perfect health”. When you start creating in this manner, this energy accumulates and gets transmitted to the brain, nervous system and eventually to all the cells of the body. If the energy of the thought is strong enough, a magnetic field of energy follows the direction of the thought and creates an amplified current for improvement in your health. You can also use the energy of your will to create your reality or change conditions on the planet.”

We all live in an energy field that not only surrounds us personally but globally. We all have the capacity to influence that field through our thoughts. We need to revision our lives and life on this planet. We must change from a mode of personal survival to one of planetary health. So envision harmony among all peoples, a willingness to share Earth’s resources, a healthy planet with no pollution, ever lasting world peace, an inability of big corporations to control our lives and rape the earth of resources to fatten the bottom line, and so on. The time has come and we must act quickly if we are going to survive on this planet.

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