Newsletter from Generessa Rose, Your Cosmic Shaman 08.08.10 – – Disclosure Project video ? a MUST SEE!

Dear Friends,

Please watch this and pass the link around to alert others to this
important EXCELLENT video posted on YouTube. With such a
preponderance of high-level witnesses, this video is especially good
for others you may know who do not yet comprehend the reality – – and
the far-reaching implications – – of extraterrestrial craft and the
beings associated with them.

Description of video: Radar operators and top-secret military,
government, intelligence and corporate witnesses to secret projects
tell their true stories which disclose the greatest covert program in
world history. This explosive testimony by actual government insiders
proves that UFOs are real, that some are of extraterrestrial origin
and that super-secret programs have energy and propulsion technologies
that will enable humanity to begin a new civilization- A civilization
without pollution, without poverty – A civilization capable of
traveling among the stars.

The DVD is available to order at:

Live with truth and courage,

Generessa Rose

PS Support The Disclosure Project with your purchase of the DVD.

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Where is Ufology going in 2010? -Part 1 -Is it all True Series #113

With all this talk about some type of disclosure in 2010, the reality is that UFO/Alien disclosure talk has been going around for as long as I can remember over the past 44 years. Like most prophecies in our infinite universe, eventually they all come true, but most happen hundreds of years after the fact. I will say though through my vortex photography, I believe we are edging closer towards a revelation.

As some would say the veil is thinning or opening up a bit. My photography is showing a variety of shapes, forms and sizes of different beings. The good news is it appears that only one of the Inter- Dimensional Beings (IDBs) was bent on aggressive behavior. The other 9 beings seemed to be fine with my photo work and our presence.

And if a disclosure doesn’t come, how should we (the researchers) proceed? Well, we need to step out of the box so far that we can no longer see it (the box) with the most powerful telescope ever made. This is a concept that few have realized; Strieber, Vallee, and Sagan are the few who have gotten it. We have failed in our quest to understand these IDBs. Our left-brain is quite useless in this journey; actually this linear side is a total hindrance to grasp the complex concept.

Our right brain is our only chance; it uses no words just whole concepts through symbolisms. Think of crop circles, they communicate to us via our right brain plane. To go where neither man nor woman has gone, we need to shutdown the left-brain, (please don’t do this while you are driving). The creative part of our brain is always open to new and amazing information.

In my 40 years of research on abductions, many abductees speak of being shown symbols and pictograms – they create mind impressions through our “right-side portal” which have been known to change the abductee’s whole mindset.

Hard-wired linear scientists will never get the understanding of the IDB concept, for it doesn’t fit into their left-brain paradigm. An artist or a musician will probably be the first of us to really make communication with these otherworldly beings. Also this could be the reason why very young children see wee people, elves, fairies and elementals. For children around the age of 1 thru 4 years old, their left-brains are not yet dominating their minds and they can freely move back and forth between them.

So maybe us left-brainers should go into a child-like state to make real contact.

Sleep Tight – happy right braining.



Can you see them -Three IDBs– use your right-brain