Bigfoot versus Dogman -Is it all True Series # 312

Bigfoot-dogman-utah1-258x300Ever since I read stories years ago I have wondered what the relationship is between two forest legends Dogman and Bigfoot. Are they Buddies or Foes?

My interest in this question has been magnified by my recent research with my partner in the mountains east of Albuquerque. We have seen him/her (Doglady) running- gliding through the forest with amazing long strides. The being was about 7 ft. tall with a thin body, muzzle face and a slight bent over posture. So after being shocked by this strange sight, I took multiple random photo shots of the forest in the direction of the Dogman. And yes we believe we got photo of him/her next to a large pine tree standing sideways glaring at us.

Now back to Bigfoot, if you follow this website you know I have for most of my life been a Bigfoot researcher and have worked with my mentor Kewaunee on many Bigfoot mini-expeditions in search of direct contact. And if you search this site (upper right corner) “Kewaunee” you can read about these adventures as a series of postings.

So my partner and I had dinner with Kewaunee the other day and we talked about Bigfoot and Dogman and their relationship. Kewaunee feels Dogman and Bigfoot co-exist maybe at arms-length, but not at each other’s throats. Kewaunee said Dogman, like Bigfoot, protects vortex/ portal areas from bad entities entering and exiting these areas.

I personally would rather meet a Bigfoot in the woods than a Dogman, because witnesses when they have had a close encounter with these creatures have been totally frightened out of their skin by this wolf looking creature. He/she (Dogpeople) love to show a lot of teeth, and they have not brushed them in awhile if you know what I mean.

Sleep tight, besides scaring the hell out of you, Dogman have not (yet) put people on their menu.