June Meeting Albuquerque/Rio Rancho UFO/Paranormal Forum – The Season Finale was a Blockbuster-Is it all True Series #141

The last four meetings or so have been incredible—the members are on a roll to seek the truth. This last one for the season was full of surprises.

It turned out to be an hour talk and four mini-talks. As usual we never know quite what direction in the universe we will go and this meeting was no exception. First there was a gentleman who spoke mind control and alien abductions. He related a personal story about a close friend who had several encounters with mind control, grays, and our military. He recommended a couple of books on the subject: “The Control of Candy Jones” by Bain and “Operation Mind Control” by Walter Bowart, must reads if you can find copies.

Next a man spoke on his personal experiences dealing with the underground tunnels that are spread around New Mexico. He talked with some caution about a “controlling force” which is responsible for chaos on the earth. He also spoke of many UFO sightings he experienced here and in California, and I believe he was just warming up.

Next there was a local Albuquerque woman, who lived her early life in northern Georgia in a small town in which UFO sightings were very, very common. Also this town had only about 500 people but had 5 sets of male twins, all born in the early 50’s. And guess what, the military and other government agencies were very interested in these twins and visited the sleepy town for many years.

Next a person spoke of an amazing experience she had working at the famous National Lab west of Santa Fe. First she stated they (the Lab) have one of the largest collections of UFO publications maybe in the world. If that is not incredible enough, next she stated that once a man came to the Lab, talking about his alien direct contact experiences. Normally the officials at the Lab would smile and give the person a lunch coupon and say goodbye, but not this time. This man was kept for a week and asked questions from other scientists who were brought in from around the world. This man had also written a book about these experiences and everyone was very interested in this publication, and the government censored parts of the book under a highly classified cover – this part of the book was supposedly written by a real alien being. Then there was the phrase in the book “Gravitational Propulsion Device” and the file folder our speaker found called “Gravitational Propulsion Device Roswell 1947.” Can you say smoking gun, double barrel?

The special speaker of the day talked with great expertise about free energies, the why’s and how’s. R.C. with great passion spoke of what we presently had in free energy devices and what we could have if the Government and Big Business would allow true freedom to reign in the world. Free energy would save our world from many evil fear-based agendas.

We all wait for the next meeting of the Forum in Albuquerque this September—to show the way to the truth.

Sleep Tight – only a world filled with fear can try, but only try, to block the truth.