Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 93

Location. Essex, England
Date: December 22 2009
Time: night
The witness and his grandmother both experienced very realistic and surrealistic ‘dreams’. Both were quite disturbed by the dreams and found it difficult to sleep all night. In his dream he was in a motor home with his parents but it wasn’t outside it was in a large, pitch black room. He opened the door to the motor home to enter the room and he noticed ‘people’. They were dressed just like us, he presumed just ordinary people. However he became very agitated by them and they began to try and enter the motor home, not in a threatening way, they just wanted to go the same place he was going. He started shouting ‘go home’ repeatedly and kicking one that he actually woke himself up by kicking the wall by his bed. While awake his heart was pounding very hard and he couldn’t control it. He didn’t even feel scared by the dream but his heart was aching. His grandmother also had a dream that something was breaking into her house after seeing a brilliant white light in her garden. She then saw a crack in her bedroom wall and she could see a glacier type phenomenon emerging through the crack. She felt as though something was trying to take her away but she resisted. However her cat started acting odd by insisting on jumping on the bed and doing something to her head. She tried repeatedly to throw the cat off the bed but it needed to be doing something near her head.
Both witnesses were woken up around 0300a that night.

HC addendum
Type: F?

Location. De Kalb County, Tennessee
Date: December 25 2009
Time: late night
The witness (involved in other encounters) was about to fall sleep when ‘a small child’ with very white skin appeared in her doorway. She looked at the witness and said mentally, “Come on, Mama, we need you.” She left the bed and entered the living room which then became a very bright light. Then she was in a large room about the size of a football field. This room was oblong in shape with shiny metallic walls and was filled to capacity with more of the strange looking children. Then she was in the center of the room and all the children were taking turns just touching her, stroking her arm, or thigh. They were projecting thoughts of awe, gratitude, and love to her. Many were saying, “thank you for allowing us to be here.” They were very loving, she felt from them just overwhelming gratitude. Later the witness woke up in bed, very cold and tired.

HC addendum
Type: G
Comments: The hybridization program of the human race coming to fruition?