The Ahau Chronicles Volume 52 – Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

I want to start by saying thanks to all of my readers who contacted me after the last newsletter to let me know they were listening. Dozens of emails came flooding in, reminding me that my work is not in vain, that the message of Chan Bahlum is reaching out across the world in anticipation of his greatest triumph.

In barely a week and a half I will depart for Chile and Robinson Crusoe Island. This newsletter details the current state of this project and my planned itinerary while on the island.

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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 52

The Ahau Chronicles Volume 24– From Jim Turner

Happy Ahau Day!

This newsletter brings together many strands of evidence from previous volumes into a grand interpretation of the meaning of the Age of Aquarius. Though the reading seems epic in scope it is supported by the evidence and emanates a grandeur of proportion that is appropriate for the occasion. The challenge is to open your eyes wide enough see it.

For those readers who have also checked out my YouTube channel, ApocalypseIsland2012, you will find a new video of my good friend Pedro Niada recounting his harrowing escape from the February 2010 tsunami which destroyed much of the village on Robinson Crusoe Island. I spoke with Pedro last week and he told me they have started to rebuild on the site of his old hostel. See the photos of the reconstruction on the “2010 Tsunami” page of my website. Bravo Pedro and best of luck!


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JimThe Ahau Chronicles Volume 24

Jim Turner -The Ahau Chronicles Volume 22

The Ahau Chronicles Volume 22Happy Ahau Day! Click on the above the blue

While I felt the need to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Palenque’s king Chan Bahlum in our last newsletter, I have returned to the topic of the Ninth Oxford International Symposium on Archaeoastronomy which I attended in January in Lima, Peru. There was an entire afternoon dedicated to the discussion of the Maya Calendar and 2012 with many famous scholars weighing in with their latest research. As always, I listened with a skeptical ear and was pleased when they presented a wealth of data that upheld many of my hypotheses about the island monument I have been studying for so long. Though their talks dealt with the subject in an objective and abstract fashion, much of what they spoke of had concrete associations with the very real monument that appears to be the key to unraveling the mysteries of 2012.



The Ahau Chronicles Volume 21– Jim Turner

This newsletter details some direct evidence regarding the tomb of Chan Bahlum and its location beneath the island monument. The evidence comes from the hieroglyphic inscriptions of Chan Bahlum and his successor, Kan Xul, and includes both well-known and obscure inscriptions from the Palenque area. My argument is based on interpretations brought forward by some of the leading scholars in the field and weaves together an elegant and impressive link between the remains at Palenque and the distant island monument. I have come to expect nothing less from this sophisticated ancient monarch.
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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 21

Jim Turner answering questions– about Apocalypse Island

The Question—

Hello Jim and MWiz, I recently watched the televised program on Isla de Robinson Crusoe or “Apocalypse Island”. Is the location of this possible monument the only place these cosmic events of 2012 will be visible anywhere on earth? Also, why would the Mayans go to such lengths to carve such an important landmark using unfamiliar materials and risk the destruction of such an important monument? By looking at the pictures on your website I fail to see any resemblance to a jaguar or Mayan sun god. I am looking forward to your reply

The Answers—-

Hi xxxx

You can go to my website ( and visit the photo gallery for additional photos of the monument. The movie did not do it justice and it is understandable that you would be disappointed. In the Photo Gallery is an overlay showing the Mayan Sun God image over the monument. The Maya used the material on hand because, at double the size of the Egyptian Sphinx, it was an arduous task to carve. They stripped away the exterior of the volcanic ridge, likely exposing harder material underneath. As rock made from cooled lava it was strong enough to survive this long. I am leaving on Saturday for another expedition to the island monument, this time to film the Solar Eclipse of July 11. I intend to spend much time photographing the monument from all angles. You can pre-order a copy of the expedition DVD from my website. Thanks for your interest. Cheers, Jim


Don’t you hate when you email someone with questions and they just don’t answer them? Sorry but I forgot to talk about the visibility of the 2012 cosmic events. The Transit of Venus will be visible over a large swath of the earth and will be observed for only moments before sunset as seen from the island monument. However, horizon viewing was apparently preferred by the ancients, perhaps because the sun is passing through a thicker cross-section of atmosphere and therefore easier to look at with the unprotected eye. The November 13, 2012 total solar eclipse is visible in the Western Hemisphere only from the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, the islands of Alexander Selkirk and Robinson Crusoe. In truth, the 2012 eclipse is only 90% eclipsed as seen from the island monument since the eclipse path passes to the north of the island. Some may find this cause to dismiss the entire thing because the eclipse is not total but when you consider the sophistication of the science involved in the prediction and the inability of the Maya to reformat the cosmos for their celestial mythology you have to cut them some slack. Another interpretation might suggest that, since the eclipse path ends precisely on the 80th line of longitude, that we are simply misunderstanding the intention of the Maya and that the true import of this mystery transcends a single celestial event (ie. the 2012 eclipse). As defined by NASA’s calculations the central line of the 2012 eclipse ends at 79 degrees 58.2 minutes West of Greenwich, a mere 1.8 SECONDS of longitude away from the 80th meridian. For the importance of this meridian I would direct you to Volume 3 of The Ahau Chronicles where I detail the sacred cartography involved with this line. As a discrete marking of time I feel the Maya have come as close as heavenly possible to accurately measuring the orbit of our planet around the sun. See the attached animation for another perspective. Hopefully that answers your questions. Now I have to go and pack for the expedition. Cheers, Jim