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September NM UFO/Paranormal Forum Meeting
September 18th, 2010 | Author: lesley

I did end up going because we decided to go to the Santa Fe Renaissance Faire tomorrow instead. As always, I was running late. The meeting started at 12:30 and I was leaving my house around 1:00 – just in time to watch 3 black helicopters fly over as I walked to the car.

Well, by the time I got there I had missed Norio’s musical performance and Rebecca was already well into her BVM presentation. I did get to hear her full presentation on the 1973 Coyne Helicopter/UFO case, which was very interesting.

After that another lady shared a sighting she had recently in Albuquerque, involving orb like UFOs. I am hoping to see the photos soon. One of the interesting things about that was that she could see these orbs and photographed them, but the woman with her could not see them.

After that, many of us headed to Applebees to continue gabbing. I have to give big kudos to the Applebees wait staff — they are always so nice and give such good service to our group! This time our waiter seemed more than a little interested in what we were talking about, maybe he will show up at a future meeting. As normal I found myself gabbing away with Mary, Hannah and Abe. It is impossible to chat with everyone at the table — too many of us, though I did manage to chat briefly with a few others.

Lastly and most of all, I want to say how incredibly fortunate I feel to be a member of such a group of individuals! It is not the stuffy organized group where people are “approved” to speak and care more about moving up the ladder than sharing their experiences and hearing about others. These are all people that are genuinely very interested in UFOs (UFOlogy), cryptozoology and various fortean occurrences. Also, much of the credit goes to Mike, he is the one that books the room and makes sure that everyone knows when and where we are meeting. Also, Mary who makes sure that Applebees reserves space for us.

If you consider that about 6 years ago I didn’t know even 1 other person in Albuquerque that was really interested in such things, well, you can imagine how fortunate I feel now.